Where in Salem to Go for Non-Alcoholic Delights

The following list was penned by local & delightful Jill Hohnstein

For those of us who live in or near (or like to visit) downtown Salem, the burgeoning bar/restaurant scene is offering a continually growing (and better) assortment of creative, tasty food and mouthwatering cocktails and beer.
But what you may not know is this has also improved the selection of non-alcoholic beverages, too. Indeed, I can find quality coffee, tea, soda and shrubs now.
Here is the list of the best, so far:         
  • Hot latte with milk alternative (almond milk): Archive.
  • Iced coffee: Gayle’s.
  • Black cup of brewed coffee: Andaluz.
  • Good black coffee where you’d least expect it: La Margarita Express.
  • Iced tea: Taproot and Archive (they have fizzy tea, too).
  • Good iced tea where you’d least expect it: Kraftworks.
  • Hot tea: Archive, Taproot or Gov Cup.
  • Shrub: Taproot.
  • Pellegrino: Gayle’s
  • Soda: Kraftworks.

The following aren’t downtown, but they serve good NA drinks, too:
  • Ginger ale: Vagabond.
  • Iced latte with milk alternative (soy milk): Broadway.
  • Cold-brew coffee: Broadway.
  • Cheap hot tea: F/Stop.
  • Kombucha on tap: F/Stop.


Anonymous said...

Your list seems a little biased, considering all that downtown has to offer :) What about Crema!!!? Located between Bank of America and Love Love teriyaki downtown! Espresso, coffee, tea, BUBBLE TEA, and an assortment of delicious house made baked goods and grab'n'go items! You should check it out if you haven't already! :)

KandN said...

We've heard good comments regarding Crema, but JH was specifically talking about the night life and Crema closes early.