Wild Pear: A Return of a Classic

(the following is a collaborative piece done by four EatSalem contributors: Franklin, Amber, Jodi & Jessica.)
Wild Pear is reopening today, February 11, after an extended closure due to water damage. Eat Salem was lucky enough to score an invite to their soft opening along with long-time friends and patrons of the restaurant.The remodel is a beautiful update to the classic Wild Pear theme.

The unique tin ceiling was untouched and is now flanked by walls with a bold color palette while chevron floors in various wood tones added an updated feel to the space. The restaurant seems lighter, airier, and more spacious thanks to the newly appointed bar. The bar area is now nestled toward the back, allowing for more seating on the side walls. While it was a loud and busy evening, with congratulatory hand shaking and hugging, we had no problem carrying on our conversation.


We were pleased to see that a lot of our Wild Pear favorites were being offered, and there seemed to be something for everyone. A ferrari red espresso machine is new to the eatery and our drink selections ranged from a latte to a dirty chai, a local pear cider, and ever so sexy "Salem Sour". Wild Pear’s version of a whiskey sour is just the right blend of sweet and sour, combining whiskey, lemon juice, red wine, and simple syrup. It was not a sweet, heavy drink, and was something that we would order again.

We each got starters: the Wild Pear Salad, mixed green salad, and BBQ fries were all represented. For dinner, there was pho (really some of the best in town), spaghetti squash with shrimp, pesto pizza, and Chicken Pot Pie, which came to our table piping hot, with a herbed crust and a ton of chicken and vegetables.  

While talking with the owner, Cecilia Ritter James about the restaurant, she mentioned a future addition of a farm table to accommodate larger groups, as well as the return of the high top tables to add in the center of the room.

We had a great evening and all agreed it was great to have a Salem staple back and better than ever.

The hexagonal tiles at Wild Pear’s entrance says it all. “Welcome” We really missed you!

Wild Pear Restaurant
(503) 378-7515

Beginning February 11, they will be open Mon-Sat from 10:30am-6:30pm!

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