The Night Deposit Whiskey Library

Please welcome our newest contributor, Larry.

By Larry

Your experience at The Night Deposit Whiskey Library will depend highly on what you’re looking for:

  • If you seek a cheap bar with very affordable drinks and decent food for the price, you’re in luck!
  • If you desire the full “whiskey bar” experience, you will find The Night Deposit lacking.

The missus and I ventured in on a Groupon after months of “meaning to” and “we should go there sometime.” We occasionally came here when it was Copperjohns, and the space is very cool - lots of exposed brick and interesting lighting.

As someone who maintains a decent little library of whiskey at home, the chance to try something I won’t find at the local liquor store was enticing. The first sign of trouble was the lack of a whiskey list. Imagine a library with no card catalog! I was told I would need to stand at the bar and decide what I wanted. The bar was fairly dark, making it hard to read many of the labels. Still, the whiskey (and whisky) selection was impressive, and my selection on the rocks was shockingly affordable.

The server was clearly overworked as she was helping tend bar as well. We were never provided silverware and had to ask for non-cocktail napkins. In addition, my order came with mayonnaise slathered on after I asked for it on the side.

I ordered a Diablo Chicken Wrap and my wife had a club sandwich. I was expecting more kick from the Diablo. Both were cheap and just OK. The house-made fries were the star of the show - crispy and tasty.

Overall thoughts: From this outsider’s perspective, The Night Deposit has an identity crisis. Sampling a new whiskey is way more fun with a knowledgeable guide and some sort of roadmap. I was also expecting more upscale food. I sought the true whiskey bar experience and was left wanting.

But aside from service issues, The Night Deposit fits the bill as an affordable bar serving adequate food. Calibrate your expectations accordingly.

195 Commercial St NE
Salem, Oregon

(503) 375-2333

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