Nancy's Burgers and Fries

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Sometimes you just need a crazily delicious cheeseburger and fries.  If you are looking for quality in options, freshness and preparation, Nancy's is the place to be.

Our trip to Nancy's on 617 Lancaster Dr. NE landed us in a small, clean cafe-style restaurant. We took a family that needed gluten free options and the person at the counter had no problem making our cheeseburgers wraps.  As good as that was, those who can have the buns...perfect for the size of the hamburger.

My husband picked provolone cheese and had his double burger heaped with fried mushrooms and sliced jalapeño peppers.  I opted for a more traditional burger with cheddar and fried mushrooms.  The fries, best eaten fresh, are sliced and fried daily.  Big bags of potatoes are not just a prop.
We tried the onion rings and were not as pleased.  However, I saw people leaving with homemade shakes, smiling.

So, if you want a real hamburger or cheeseburger, fully dressed or plain, bun or no, take a drive to Nancy's.  They do not disappoint.

Nancy's Burgers and Fries website
Three locations in W Salem, E Salem and Keizer

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Farmer bill said...

Enjoyed a regular bacon cheeseburger in W. Salem recently and had Nancy come by the table, doing the rounds, asking about my meal. I really liked the choices given for lettuce and the way they are all so friendly and thoughtful.