The party is always in The Kitchen.

Quick, early report on a new place in town. Demurely called The Kitchen, it's on Court Street where Casey's used to be.

But you wouldn't know it.

Walking in, there's a fresh, clean, comfy-homey-modern feel. The narrow, long space is well used with a line of tables along the left, with a large booths that jut into the front windows. Our team of  had a lovely lunch bathed in indirect natural light, with plenty of elbow room, and entertainment as we watched passers by on the street. Noise is fairly well controlled, but it's still a boisterous atmosphere.

Service was quick and friendly (with just a bit of style), despite being a packed house for lunch. Our table went 4/6 on the Catfish Tacos and my oh my, it was a good choice. Tender, crispy, lightly fried catfish chunks on fresh and flavorful hand made tortillas, topped with a bright slaw mix. We asked for hot sauce, and a very thick, rich and flavorful (if not so hot) sauce was delivered for all. With a small side of rice and beans, it's good food for a decent price. My only shock was $2.50 for a soda; their glasses are small Ball-jar-like glasses, so the one soda with no refill that I had was less than a can of Coke. For $2.50. But everyone's doing that these days; just another reason to avoid the junk. My bad!

Someone else chose Chicken Tacos, another the chili. I'm sorry I don't have details, but it looked good and all was consumed. :)

Sorry there are no pictures. Do check out their Facebook page for menu, photos, etc.

I was pleased and look forward to exploring further. Maybe for dinner tonight...


Anonymous said...

The Kitchen is clean (as was noted) and the service
service was fine. The salad was fresh. But the
Wide screen TV blaring destroyed the
Possibility of a pleasant meal. People were having to
Yelling at one another to carry on a
conversation. So the whole atmosphere was unplesently
ruckus. That is not a party. It's bedlam.

I resented having to pay for the experience.
I thought it was a restaurant, not a sports bar.

Anonymous said...

I've been in twice and the tv hasn't been an issue. Perhaps you could have asked them to turn it down?

Anonymous said...

I had breakfast there on Monday (first day) and it is hands down the best breakfast in Salem!! It is serving breakfast 7 days a week and it is great.

The biscuits are real yeast biscuits and the chicken fried steak is amazing! Also lots of eggs benedict

This is great!