The Gov Cup; A Downtown Coffee Staple

If you live in Salem, chances are you have a favorite sit down coffee joint as well as a fave drive-up. Coffee is ubiquitous in our town and we love it. Each place has its own personality, coffee roast, and a way they support the community.

Whenever the subject of coffee comes up in conversation,  I share my favorite places and new finds with the rest of my friends, but there is one coffee roaster that has remained a staple in my life in Salem since I've been drinking coffee, and can be taken for granted. That place is The Governor's Cup Coffee Roasters, affectionately known to locals as The Gov Cup.

Recently, I was shocked to see that The Gov Cup was not nominated for the Statesman Journal's Best of The Mid-Valley awards. It should have been nominated. Their coffee & tea is consistently great. The atmosphere is cozy and as a business the Gov Cup is incredibly supportive of local artists. I love walking in and watching artists not only working on their art, but see the finished pieces displayed on the walls and listening to the live music playing at night.

Tonight (2/21/14), if you go at 9pm, you will find a lovely dark wood interior with the aroma of coffee filling the room. Beautiful and creative art will be on the walls from local artists and music from local musicians will lilt through the air. (See the video below for a taste of tonight's music!) 

The Gov Cup is located downtown at 471 Court St NE.
They have a Facebook page you can follow. And trust me, Best Of award or not, this place is always at the top of my list when I want a coffee shop in Salem.


Dawn said...

I'm happy to see that the Governor's Cup has some happy and loyal customers, because it's a lovely place with some very nice people working there, but I just can't figure the place out. My husband and I went in there for the very last time a little less than a year ago, giving them just one more chance to prove they weren't just having a bad day on the two previous visits. The place wasn't very busy, there wasn't a long line, and yet we sat at a table and waited a solid 15 to 20 minutes for two simple cappuccinos. There were two nice young men behind the counter, personable and seemingly energetic, but I have never seen people move around so much and yet get so little done. To each his own, but I just don't want to spend that much time waiting for a cup of coffee. We go to the Ike Box now - great cappuccino, 5 minutes tops. The Governor's Cup is a mystery to me.

Lise M said...

Yeah, that is interesting. I normally get to-go cups at Gov Cup, so maybe that makes a difference in service time. I did notice a little bit of a wait for the people behind me when I ordered the for-here mugs this time. It shouldn't matter, but this place does seem much more laid back. Sorry you had the bad experience. I know how that can hurt your view of a place. I had my order messed up at Ike Box, now I have a hard time getting coffee there. Just tea for me now.

Anonymous said...

I'm an on/off fan of the governors cup.

It's a nice space.

The food options are not that good and they aren't close to the register, which is frustrating.

I like straight brewed coffee. When it's fresh, it's good. I've taken big groups on weekend mornings and it's been not hot and bitter.

Espresso depends on the barista.

Beans are very roasted.

Salem Man said...

I've always had good experiences there and it's one of my go to places as well. Not at all surprised it wasn't in the "Best of." The masses in Salem go to SBs.