Deepwood Estate, Gerry Frank & A Party In The Garden

Wednesday it was my privilege to attend one of Deepwood Estate's many delightful events in the garden. This particular event was highlighting Mr. Gerry Frank and his family's legacy in Salem, a large part of which is linked to the Meier & Frank department stores. There is also a new Meier and Frank exhibit in Deepwood mansion that we were able to see for the first time as well as a newly furnished room. I highly recommend taking a tour through the house to see how things have changed. Deepwood is open 9am to noon most weekdays and admission is $4. The rooms are just beautiful. The Deepwood mansion and estate is a true Salem treasure.

In addition to the new exhibit at Deepwood, there was a book signing and wonderful stories told by Gerry Frank as well as the author of his book, the lovely Jan Boutin, a retired Salem-Keizer elementary school teacher. After the two honored guests shared stories about Mr. Frank's book, a beautiful party in the garden with Salem area food and beverages was provided. It was truly a treat. Salem's, and Oregon's, oldest winery, Honeywood Winery, was present with a colorful selection of wines. Full Circle Creamery brought an incredibly tasty variety of cheeses that are available for purchase at Roth's. Iggy's Catering had an amazing display of creative h'orderves. They were also passing out Goldfinch Caramels which are made from an old family recipe and delicious. Life Source was also there with some spectacular hummus and Cascade Baking Co. bread, of course. Finally there was the chocolate cake, because a Gerry Frank event wouldn't be complete without a delicious, rich, chocolate cake made by a previous winner of the State Fair chocolate cake competition.

Be on the look out for more Deepwood Estate events. I highly recommend them. The atmosphere, setting, and care the volunteers and planners put into each event is amazing.

The next event is the Deepwood Jubilee this Friday, August 9th, 2013 at 6pm. Tickets are $50.

Deepwood Estate

1116 Mission Street S
  • Salem, Oregon 97302

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