Amadeus Cafe - New Location and Mother's Day Brunch

(just heard that Amadeus has begun their 2013 soft opening. Also, here's a link to other Mother's Day openings)
On Monday, May 8th, Amadeus opens in their new location downtown at 135 Liberty St. NE, in the building previously occupied by Coffee House Cafe. Previously located in the First Pacific Corp building on Skyline, this move downtown will make them more visible. 

When I noticed they were advertising for a Mother's Day Brunch in their new location, I immediately sent a message asking to see the menu. Here's a peek, there's some delicious sounding dishes on this menu.

First Course, your choice of:
  • Fresh fruit salad with minted yogurt
  • Creamy polenta with hickory smoked bacon and a drizzle of honey and thyme
Second Course, your choice of:
  • Smoked Salmon Quiche with a garlic cilantro cream 18
  • Chicken En Poof- Tender baked chicken, portabella and crimini mushrooms, fresh baby leaf spinach onions and Monterey Jack cheese, wrapped in phyllo and baked until golden brown. Served with a feta sauce. 19
  • BBB Pancakes- Beautiful, buttermilk, Blueberry pancakes. Topped with freshly made lemon curd and served with bacon. 15
  • Breakfast Bruschetta- Toasted slices of La Brea baguette topped with scrambled eggs, jack cheese, pesto, balsamic reduction and topped with popped cherry tomatoes. 17
  • “The Mess”- Roasted red potatoes, charred peppers and onions, roasted and thinly sliced porchetta topped with a fresh arugula salad tossed in a lemon and feta vinaigrette. 19
  • Seafood Torta- Julienned potatoes sautéed until golden brown on the outside and hot in the middle. Stuffed with fresh tomatoes, jack cheese, crab and fresh bay shrimp.  Topped with a garlic cilantro cream and a fresh mango salsa. 20
  • Biscuits and Gravy- You've got it, our Southern Grandmothers biscuit recipe topped with sausage gravy and charred peppers and onions. 16
Third Course, your choice of: 
  • Decadent brownies topped with fresh whipped cream, burnt sugar caramel and English toffee.
  • Cannoli stuffed with a sweetened ricotta and chocolate chip mixture scented with lemon and dusted with powdered sugar.
Beverages and Cocktails
  • Coffee- 2.95
  • Soda- 2.95
  • Iced Tea- 2.75
  • Orange Juice or Blood Orange juice- 2.95
  • Sriracha Bloody Mary-7
  • Looza Peach Bellini- 5.50
  • Blood Orange Screwdriver- 4.75
  • Mimosa-5.50
Please call to make reservations for Mother's Day Brunch. And if you see us, ignore the wild bunch of hooligans I call "Family." We really are harmless.

Amadeus Cafe (You can also find them on Facebook)
135 Liberty St NE
Salem, OR


Anonymous said...

My wife and I went to Amadeus for their mothers' day brunch. The food was wonderful, the polenta, seafood torta, and chicken en poof were all excellent. Our server was knowledgeable, very friendly, and extremely efficient. This should have been a very enjoyable experience.

Unfortunately, unpleasant encounters with the hostess on arrival and departure have left us questioning whether we will return.

We arrived on time for our 10 am reservation for a table for two. The hostess directed us to a table right by the front door. We asked about an empty table set for two in the window but were told, sternly, "this is your table". We would have understood if she'd told us that someone had reserved the window table or that they were holding it for a particular need (they eventually added a chair and seated a family with a small child, which was a very good choice). The issue was not the table but the nature of the communication.

After the meal, when I was waiting for my wife to return from the rest room, the same hostess came up to our table, asked if she could clean it (and did so, without waiting for a reply). When she was done, she asked if she could move it to make a larger table for a party that was just arriving and immediately started to move it forcing me to stand up and wait by the door for my wife. Another minute or two and we would have been gone.

Neither of these are horrible transgressions by themselves, but they left us with a bad taste in our mouths, rather than the enjoyable taste that the wonderful meal should have left.

Anonymous said...

I went there Tuesday night for dinner and they were clearly working out the kinks of being in a new spec, but working very hard to please. They look like they'll quickly adjust to the proper staffing levels and be prompt once they get used to their new space. The brisket was as good as ever and I will surely be back.