Adobo Republic

Adobo Republic is now closed. :(

Having been to the Philippines 3 or 4 times, I was excited to hear about a new Filipino restaurant in Keizer Station, called Adobo Republic! I was hoping they had real, authentic Filipino food, and they did not disappoint! As their menu says, they really do have home cooked Filipino cuisine at its best!

The outside is bright and inviting

And the interior is warm and welcoming

We went on a Friday night and while it was not packed, there were a number of people there. There is plenty of room for more tables, but I'm glad they did not try to fill the available floor space with tables. As it was, it was just right with a "there are enough empty tables" feel without feeling like the place was suffering from not enough patrons. 

Their menu is clearly displayed and they have paper menus available at the counter as well. A very friendly young lady explained the various dishes and answered our questions. When we asked if they used MSG, she was not sure, and went in the back for a moment. Out came a friendly man who introduced himself as the owner and said that he and his wife are committed to not using MSG in their food. Hurray!

Their serving is sort of cafeteria style, with a number of dishes ready-made, but their menu is more extensive than just what was on display at the counter. They have some traditional choices:
  1. Tama Lang ("TAH-ma LAHng" -- Single item)
  2. Sige Pa ("SEE-jay PA" -- Two items), and
  3. Todo Na ("TOE-do NA" -- Three items w/ a drink)

All combos come with your choice of either white rice, or pansit ("pahn-SIT" -- rice noodles -- think very fine angel hair pasta, but with more flavor and savory sauces). For the main entree portion of the combo, you can choose between
  • Their signature Adobo ("uh-DO-bo" -- chicken or pork simmered in soy sauce & vinegar, seasoned with garlic & other flavorful spices)
  • Ginantaan Manok ("gin-ahn-TAHN MAH-knock" -- chicken with ginger and coconut milk)
  • Bistek Tagalog ("BIZ-tek tuh-GAH-lug" -- thinly sliced beef simmered in lemon soy sauce)
  • Kaldereta ("cal-duh-RAY-ta" -- mildly spiced stewed beef mixed with liverwurst blended with other flavors, topped with potatoes & red bell pepper)
  • Chop Suey (stir fried mixed vegetables)  

In addition to the combos, they have weekly specials (call ahead, or check their facebook page, linked above).

They also have Mama's Favorites, including some pork and chicken skewers, Lumpiang Gulay ("LOOM-pea-ahng goo-LIE") -- also known just as "lumpia" ("LOOM-pea-ah" -- think tiny crispy eggrolls with meat -- yum!). And as if that were not enough, they feature Filipino breakfast available all day, as well as a nice variety of Filipino Fusion dishes and some lovely Matamis ("mah-TAH-meez" -- for your sweet tooth). One last note: if you like fruit juice, Adobo Republic has the best Filipino versions, and they're the only place around you can get it. They have both Mango Juice and Calamansi ("cah-lah-mahn-SEE") julice -- best described as like lemon/limeade, but with a more rounded and not-quite-as-puckeringly-tart flavor profile.

Well, with all that to choose from, we certainly had our work cut out for us. The young lady and the gentleman behind the counter were very friendly and helpful and we decided on some lumpia to share:

And then we each decided on the Sige Pa (two items) I chose the Pork Adobo (on the right) and the Kaldereta (on the left) with white rice.

While my wife had the Pork Adobo and the chicken skewer with Pansit 

The meat was juicy and everything was very flavorful and satisfying. We had more than we could finish so we took some home and enjoyed it the next day for lunch!

If you're in Keizer Station and looking for something new and yummy, check out Adobo Republic and you won't be disappointed! I know I wasn't!

Salamat kaibigan (thanks friends!) to everyone at Adobo Republic!!!

~ Keith

PS -- if you go on a Friday like we did, you can say: "Salamat sa Dios, Viernes na naman!" ;^)

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