Great Harvest Downtown for Lunch

I hadn't been to Great Harvest in years (ever since I discovered Cascade Baking Co.'s breads), and when I did I always visited the store on south Commercial. So it was a revelation to learn that their downtown store serves sandwiches and soup. These are the things you learn when a coworker shares their love via a gift card. Lucky, lucky me.

Once the holidays were put away, winter break provided me with an opportunity for exploration. After a morning of successful errands, I scored a parking spot downtown on Commercial just a short stroll from Great Harvest. I opened their door to warmth, a potpourri of delicious smells and a sparkling, helpful smile behind the counter. Which bread would I like to try? Now that's a distraction I can sink my teeth into! I took my slice of pumpkin hazelnut bread and the sandwich order form over to a window seat to make my selections.

As I nibbled my bread and browsed the menu, a regular sat next to me to enjoy his cup of soup. A continuous bustle of bread buying and sandwich order pick-ups went on behind me. I ordered two grilled sandwiches: Tuscan Chicken and Spicy Southwest Chicken; and a Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich. After approximately 15 minutes my sandwiches were ready to travel home to share.
Each individually wrapped sandwich, came with a bagged deli pickle and a York peppermint patty (Add baby carrots or Kettle Chips & a cookie for only $2.50). My first bite into the Pecan Chicken Salad sandwich elicited an immediate response-- mmmm! Now THIS is what chicken salad should taste like! A lovely melange of flavors that I could easily become addicted to. The honey wheat bread is a nice compliment and blends well with the other flavors. A close second was the Spicy Southwest Chicken. The panini grilled sandwich was still warm and full of melty goodness after the trip home. Only the Tuscan Chicken sandwich left me feeling like something was missing. It was good, but it needed the addition of something else. (And after revisiting the menu online, perhaps something was accidentally left off my sandwich. I never thought to take a peek and check that out.)

I can't wait for another opportunity to eat at Great Harvest again. I think I can hear their soup calling my name or maybe it's the salted caramel cookies.

Downtown: 503-363-4697
South: 503-363-3215
West: 503-363-7555
Mon-Sat: 6:30 AM - 7:00 PM (downtown closes at 6PM)
Both the south and west stores are open on Sunday 8am- 4pm
Here's their website and online menu
Follow them on Facebook or Twitter

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