Yeasty Beasty Pizza in Monmouth

Our stomachs were growling, as we neared Monmouth. With a half day of traveling and packing up under our belts, all four of us were ready for a break. Seemed like the perfect time to park the truck on West Main  in Monmouth and give Yeasty Beasty Pizza a try.

Like many of you, our tribe already has a few local favorite pizza places, so comparisons are inevitable. Our goal was to evaluate Yeasty Beasty on it's own merits and after months of reading their daily specials, I was fairly certain this wasn't going to be a tough job. On our walk to their entrance, we couldn't help noticing a sign on the reconstruction next door (where the Indian restaurant was before the fire): "West Coast Pizza coming this summer!" Two pizza places in one small town block? That doesn't seem like a wise decision for anyone. May the best pizza win?

We were warmly welcomed upon entering the building and invited to choose a table. Our waitress wasted no time in educating us about their taps and menu offerings. We followed her over to the bar and listened as she gave us a tour of the 16 taps. That day there were two ciders, three offerings from Stone Brewing, two from Deschutes and nine other northwest beers. After getting a taste, we made our selections and began the family negotiation over which pizza to order. The special of the day was a pesto vegetable combination. We decided to order half of the special and half of the BBQ Chicken & Bacon.

While we sipped and chatted, we noticed a Bob's Red Mill sign on the wall along with an Eola Wine display. Local offerings are always a nice touch, as well as the display of coloring sheets near the kitchen. Our waitress brought out napkins, paper plates and packets of red pepper flakes and soon after--our pizza.

The crust was lightly browned, sturdy enough for the toppings yet tender enough for biting. The sauce, meat and vegetables all appeared fresh and appetizing. Neither N nor I would characterize the sauce on the BBQ Chicken & Bacon as barbecue, but it did have a nice flavorful tang. Overall, the pizza was good and nicely made. The pesto vegetable was my favorite of the two. The combination of flavors was a hit with everyone's taste buds.

Yeasty Beasty also serves salads, sandwiches and dessert, plus I understand other menu additions are in the works. Check them out and check back in to tell us what you think.

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167 Main Street West, Monmouth, OR.
(503) 837-1222
Mon.-Sun.- 11:00 am - 10:00 pm


AMY said...

I had my first go at Yeasty Beasty as well. Overall, very favorable.

My only issues were too much bone (crust) to topping ratio on one of our pies, and also the promise of growing your own yeast didn't really materialize into a more flavorful crust. BUT, those minor issues were trumped by fresh, quality ingredients, a great atmosphere and fine casual but friendly service.

Anonymous said...

Loved this place. Good pizza, nice people, nice vibe, great beer on tap. Service a little slow but they were swamped.