Gilgamesh - The Campus, Preview!

Social media has been abuzz today with news about Gilgamesh's new restaurant venture they are calling "The Campus" (as opposed to their downtown location "The Lounge"). Their official grand-opening is Friday the 16th of Nov., but you can get a sneak peek just like we did, as their soft opening was today at 11am.

As with all newly opened restaurants, this is just a preview of what to expect, not a full-blown review. The Campus is a comfortable and nicely decorated restaurant/pub. Serving their own Gilgamesh brand beers, they have what I would call gourmet beer-food. Items range from handmade Sausage Corndogs and Jalepeno Mac & Cheese w/ bacon to a Charcuterie Plate and Grilled Chicken Sandwiches w/ aioli sauce, and of course burgers. And yes, there are a couple vegan and vegetarian entrees on the menu.

Read more about their grand-opening, beers, and food at their website.

Hours: 8am-1am,  Sunday 8am-10pm
2065 Madrona Ave SE, Salem, OR 97302 


Anonymous said...

My husband and I ate at The Campus on Saturday evening. First off, we were impressed by the beautiful wood working especially the bar.
I had a bowl of the Jalepeno Mac and cheese w/ bacon bread crumbs. This was the best take on a Mac and Cheese with a bite to it. There no chunks of jalepenos like some restaurants include but it rather seemed like the cheese itself was infused with the jalepeno. My husband ordered the Gilgaburger (minus the veggies for him)with a side of shoestring fries. We were both impressed with both. We both topped off our meals with a few pints of Mamba which I highly suggest!!

Kristi said...

Mister and I went and checked it out last weekend. You can tell they are trying to do it right. Beautiful decor and craftsmanship, tasty & interesting food, and a crew of friendly attentive staff.

Always a fan of their beers... I hope this will become a new favorite for Salemites.