MacGregor's Public House Preview

MacGregor's is now closed and has become a Mexican restaurant

MacGregor's Fairgrounds Road address has had it's share of coats of paint over the past 5 years, hasn't it?
It would be nice if they're able to stick around and make it their home.

Despite the parking issues, the Spanish themed decor in an Irish themed pub and our wobbly table, it's hard not to see that there is potential.  Our server was sweet and friendly and they've applied for a liquor license. I'll be interested to see how MacGregor's matures over the next few months.

In the meantime, here are a few shots of our dinner.

MacGregor's Public House
2360 Fairgrounds Rd NE
Mon - Thu: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm
Fri - Sat: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
Sun: 12pm - 5 pm


Anonymous said...

I visited the Pub recently and overall had a good experience. On Tuesdays, there is a lunch special of "2 for 22" in which you can have two burgers, two sides (doesnt have to be fries), two beverages (non-alcoholic) and an appetizer to share for $22, which is a great deal. We shared the stuffed mushrooms, which were a bit unforgettable, punctuated only by our server coming by several times while we waited for them, nervously exclaiming that they didnt know why the mushrooms were taking so long, and also expressing surprise that lunch service was so quiet (we were the only diners there at the moment). I wasn't worried about the emptiness of the restaurant -- it was only 11:15, and the place did begin to fill up as time passed.

Anyway, great deal for lunch, right? Any burger you want, not just the less expensive ones. My companion had a lamburger with tzaziki and mint, and as someone who raises her own lamb, she exclaimed that it waas really flavorful and tasty. I had the cheese-stuffed beef burger, which I knew was made to order since they asked what kind of cheese I wanted inside. Both our burgers were super juicy, flavorful and cooked to the doneness we requested, on good, sturdy burger buns with fresh toppings.

For my side I chose the mac and cheese, of which I am often skeptical, since I make pretty awesome homemade mac. Restaurant mac is almost always a gluey disappointment. But this stuff was awesome! Saucy, cheesy, hot and flavorful. What I really wanted was the poutine, but since my companion didn't go for it, I will have to go back and try it! We don't get a lot of bangers-and-mash British pub food around here; I'm just thrilled that we have the option. The beer and wine list looked quite affordable as well. I definitely recommend that you give McGregor's a try! I think you'll love the food.

Anonymous said...

Just an update....Macgregor's has CLOSED! They have changed hands yet again. The restaurant remains open but word is they are awaiting the new sign before officially changing the name to Hamilton's. They state that they will keep the burgers but add some other items as well. And will no longer accept any coupons that are circulating. Just a heads up!