Andaluz for lunch in October

~Received the following news via David Rosales. 
So exciting that downtown will have yet another lunch option in October!

"We will be starting lunch at Andaluz this fall (October).

Details are still being worked out but for right now I can tell you that it will be a different concept for lunch than the Spanish tapas at night

Salad bar.
Yes, I said salad bar.
Quick serve, by the pound
with local lettuces, cheeses, meats and vegetables.
All dressings made in-house. More details to come... "


Stephanie Matlock Allen said...

So exciting!!!

'laina said...


Anonymous said...

This is great news- downtown Salem is in need of a decent salad bar!

Anonymous said...

Did they start lunches yet? I've been by and haven't seen any sign of them being open for lunch.

Anonymous said...

Not yet. I heard mid to late October.