Orupa for lunch

Orupa wasn't where our lunch group had planned on going, but thanks to cell phones and quick thinking our afternoon together was rescued.
Have you eaten up on Orupa's roof? The odd route to get there isn't very scenic, but once you climb those back stairs you won't care. It's a rare treat to find outdoor dining with an upstairs view of the south end of downtown. The afternoon our group gathered around one of their tables, the sky was bright blue and a light breeze kept us comfortable. Plus the umbrellas shaded everyone who preferred to avoid the direct sun.

After many so-so reviews from friends, I was a little concerned about our lunch quality and service. Thankfully, there was no reason to worry that day--we had excellent service and delicious food. I apologize for not remembering our July 31 meal details, other than the Rusty Truck IPA two of us enjoyed. Hopefully, the food photos are tantalizing enough.

Something special happened while we sat visiting during our lunch. All five of us work at a local elementary school and were tickled to discover our waiter was an alum. It didn't matter that none of us had had him as a student, we wanted to know how he was doing and what his future plans are. As we left at the end of our meal, I noticed one friend had left him a hand written note with his tip. Which is why she's one of my favorite teachers.
If you've had a bad experience or heard negative reviews, go back and give Orupa another try. We were glad we did.

Orupa's website
Mon - Thur 11am-2:30pm, 4:30pm-9pm
Fri 11am-10pm,
Sat 4:30pm-10pm
WaterPlace building
500 Liberty St SE,
Salem, OR
(503) 588-3639

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eboston said...

We have enjoyed eating lunch at Orupa, although the service can be a little slow at times. The food was delicious and we recommend it.