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August 8th Farmer’s Table
Chris Jenkins and Elizabeth Miller

Eat Broken Bread!This month’s Farmer’s Table will showcase Minto Island Growers. The farm is located southwest of Salem, on the edge of Minto-Brown Park, and just outside of Salem’s city limits. To get any more local, you’d have to grow it yourself.

It is a pleasure working with Chris and Elizabeth. As Broken Bread grows as a business in our community, working to bring the consumer closer to our local farms, so too are many of those farms growing. The folks at Minto Island Growers are a prime example of this. As the chef of Broken Bread, I look forward to working with this young couple for years to come. Please come join us for this unique experience of sharing good food and conversation with farmers who are helping to shape the land we live on.

To change things up a little, we will also be serving this month’s Farmer’s Table Family Style. In the true spirit of this late blooming summer, the menu is weather dependent. With the projected sunshine, dinner will probably sound like this - “Pass the peas, please!” “Who needs the roasted carrots?” “Salad anyone?” “Could I get those fried green tomatoes?”

All of us here at Broken Bread.

Wednesday, August 8th @ 6:30pm
Reservations - 503.990.7117
Seating is limited.

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