Alcyone Cafe

Alcyone is now closed. 

Tucked under the layers of parking in the Pringle Parkade you'll find Alcyone Cafe, a great little stop for lunch. They call themselves a European style cafe offering breakfast and lunch. Their pick me up beverages (coffee, etc.) looks impressive as well; I didn't partake but saw what others had.

It's a short walk for anyone working in the downtown area, and their dark and rich interior is a nice relaxing respite from a crazy busy day at work. It's a small cafe, not suitable for large groups, but you can get away with a four or six top if it's not busy.

Service is simple and personable. The menu offers wraps, sandwiches, and some other light lunch fare. Ordering the Italian panini I was at first a little underwhelmed by its size, until I noted that it's over an inch thick with meat! It was a great hearty mix of flavors, and by the time I was done with it, the little pickle on the side and the small bag of Kettle chips that come with it, I was full. Can't remember if it was $9.25 or $9.27. Not a cheap sandwich lunch, and at first I bristled at that, but afterwards I was pleased. The calming atmosphere alone was worth it for me on that certain day!

Alas, I did not take pics when I was there; you can check out their Facebook page for a few shots!


jeff said...

Not related, but I see that Monster Foods in Stayton is now closed. Fair food at near-Fair prices, I'm not sure it really had a chance.

AMY said...

Jeff, I hadn't heard of Monster Foods. Do you mean fair as is... corn dogs, funnel cakes, etc? If so... damn, I'm sorry I missed it! :) Might work well in a larger market.

Chuck Bradley said...

Exactly right lavachickie! I checked 'em out back in December. They served all the stuff we all spend a couple of weeks repenting for after the Oregon State Fair closes. It was some pretty fair Fair fare if I may be permitted a little ridiculous alliteration. Sorry to hear they didn't make it.