"Salem is a Taco Town"

Look what we stumbled across yesterday . . .

We couldn't resist sharing it here on eatsalem.
It features one of our regulars-- Amecameca
Enjoy! And we apologize in advance if the tune runs through your head for the rest of the day.
(The following video is a part of the Statesman Journal's "We Love Salem" contest.) 



Anonymous said...

Video could be twice as long, but that tune is torture.

Amecameca said...

Thanks KandN. If you like the video I hope you will vote for it when the I Love Salem contest resumes in a few days. This is clearly the best video in the bunch and deserves to win. My daughter who made the video needs the prize money for grad school. We'd appreciate everyone's support. Salem really is a taco town!

Chuck Bradley said...

Great video! Amecameca is the undisputed authority on authentic Mexican food in the mid-valley. I've been following his advice for several years now, and he has never lead me astray. When he speaks, I listen. So should you.

You can bet this video has my vote.