Breaking News: Gilgamesh Brewery is Moving!

Gilgamesh Logo
I've been sitting on this information for far too long, and now it's time to share.  Here it is:  the freakishly friendly folks at Gilgamesh Brewing have struck a deal to move the brewery into what is now the "Loose Ends" building on the corner of Madrona and Fairview Industrial Dr.  Loose Ends has been liquidating for, I believe, two or three decades, and now they're moving out.  The move is expected to happen this summer -- although, the timeline for something like this will likely change as the details get solidified.

There's tons of space in that building and the Gilgamesh crew has dreams of throwing some pretty awesome events.  Here's a short list of the things rumored to be included in this new adventure:

  • Hog Wings (That's right. We're talking about flying pigs here. Do some reading on it.)
  • Tap Room
  • Restaurant (Lunch and maybe dinner?)
  • Outdoor Event Area
  • Larger Brewery space, plus room to grow
I don't know about you, but I feel like Gilgamesh Brewing is my own personal brewery.  They're family-owned, they're active in the community, and they're just simply fun to hang out with.  Whenever I go to the Lounge or brewery, I feel like I'm just hanging out with some family friends who happen to make great beers.  I'm excited to see them growing while continuing to be true to themselves and to their community, and I plan on "investing" a significant amount of time and money at the new brewery location to help ensure they continue to succeed.

I'll update this rumor post as more information comes in.  All details above are subject to change.

Gilgamesh Brewing


KandN said...

sign me--trembling with excitement :>)

Can Opener Boy said...

DITTO!!!!! Sooooooo Excited!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of their beer, but I am really excited to see a local company doing well.

It's too bad to see them moving out of downtown.

Vegan's Nightmare said...

Just to clarify - it's their brewery that's moving. I don't believe the Lounge is moving.

gstatty said...

That's great news. I've been digging their beers since I first tasted them all a couple of years ago at the Salem Bite festival. The Mamba and the Leapfrog Kolsch are my two favs and I'm usually a stout drinker. Plus, hog wings? If somehow they manage to combine two of my favorite foods, hot wings and pork into an unholy amalgamation of pork fat and spice, you can count me in. I just hope the lounge gets the same culinary upgrade.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful location for a beer and a bite to eat. It could turn into a great place to hang out and relaz.
The beer is great, now if they can get a good chef in there it could be awsome!

Anonymous said...

I agree that they do need to really pay attention to the food quality. My wife and I went to the lounge last night (8-18-2012)for a beer and that was fine as usual, but the corn breaded mozzarela sticks made us both sick and I was up ALL night in the bathroom because of them.Doing good on the beer fix the food.

Anonymous said...

We just had dinner at 'The Campus' and was really disappointed. I'll start with the good. The building was clean, the staff were friendly, and the beer was good. The food, however, was pretty bad. The portions were small and the quality was poor. I'd heard from a few people before coming here that the food wasn't that great, but we wanted to try it out.

We had a large group and a mixture of food. Fish tacos, mac & cheese, steak, burgers, etc... The only person in the group that enjoyed their food was the one who had the steak. The rest of us, not so much. Some even left hungry.

With good beer and a nice facility they have potential, but they need a larger menu and much better food to be successful.