Steel Bridge Coffee

Do you like
fresh roasted coffee?
bicycle delivery?
local business?

Then check out the new guy on the scene. Joseph Penner is just another Salemite making our town cool. His customer service is outstanding, the coffee is amazing and you can feel good about supporting a new business with a desire for environmental responsibility.

This is whole bean, organic, fair-trade coffee beans delivered to your doorstep via bicycle the day it's roasted.

We are pretty serious about coffee in our house, so we started with the 10oz sampler in the medium roast. By day 2 we were sold. We figure the 8oz per week size will keep the two of us in a pot of coffee a day and maybe a second pot on the weekend. We were so convinced we signed up for 12 weeks of delivery to start!

Take a chance, try a sample and check out this wicked promo video.

Note- all the business is done through the website. If you have any questions send him an email. He's quick to respond and ready to help.


Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Coffee and bikes is a winning combination!

Kristi said...

Side note- their website now says they're serving decaf!

Here and there said...

Their coffee is really good, I like the dark roast.

Anonymous said...

Steel Bridge Coffee is AWESOME

Anonymous said...

His light roast is amazing -- loads of flavor, doesn't smell or taste burnt, very smooth and perfectly roasted. We love his coffee service!