Al-Aqsa State St Grand Opening

We stopped in Al-Aqsa Middle Eastern Cuisine new location on State Street for a quick dinner. Middle Eastern/Mediterranean food has always been one of my favorite foods and as excited as I was to see Al-Aqsa open in South Salem, I was even more excited to hear they were opening downtown, much closer to where I live. 

The menu is very similar to the South Salem location, with the addition of some rice dishes. As we were paying, we spoke with Moe Jawad, the owner. He eventually plans on a having a lunch and a dinner buffet once a week. 

Al-Aqsa State Street is celebrating their Grand Opening on Wednesday, March 28th! Plan on dropping in and having some of the best dolmas I've ever had!

Al-Aqsa Middle Eastern Cuisine
1326 State ST 


Anonymous said...

besides the proposed lunch buffet, does anyone know if they are open during lunch or is it just for dinner?

Chuck Bradley said...

Open for lunch Anon. Bride and I went there today. They had no Lamb which is a little like Burgerville being having no Hamburger, but the fellow explained that He's having trouble acquiring it lately. They kill and butcher their own and the livestock auctions, he says, often have little or none. The scarcity also has caused the price to go off the charts. We had Dolmas, Spinich Pie and a Chicken Shawerma. All was good.