Rainbow Chinese Restaurant

Update: A Salemite contacted us saying Rainbow Chinese Restaurant's phone has been disconnected. Does anyone have any information about what's going on?

Rainbow Chinese Restaurant now sits where Full House Restaurant used to be, and before that, it was the Hainan Orchid. I had never been to Hainan Orchid, but it was awful when it used to be Full House.

We went for some dim sum. I ordered some of my favorites, the Normi gai (lotus wrapped sticky rice with Chinese sausage and meat), the lotus leaf it is wrapped in lends amazing flavor to the rice after being steamed, Cheung fun (steamed rice noodle rolls), I ordered these with meat inside, you can get vegetarian ones or ones with shrimp, and a dim sum item that was wrapped in tofu skin with meat inside.

Lastly, I ordered tofu chow fun, I like to try it everywhere I go, and to this day, have not found any better than at Lucky Fortune on Lancaster.

The dim sum was made to order so it took a little while, but the flavors were good and it tasted fresh. The tofu chow fun wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worst.

The best thing about my meal was the Normi gai (lotus wrapped rice). I've never met a person that tried it and didn't like it, even the least adventurous person will find comfort in it after the lotus leaf is taken off.

The worst thing about my meal was the booth I was sitting in. I felt like the princess and the pea, I could feel every single spring. Next time, I'm getting a table with a chair.

440 State Street
Salem, Oregon

503. 362.9000


DeeDeeDiner said...

The enquiry regarding this restaurant's disconnected phone reminded me that I've often wondered WHEN the reviewer ate at a particular place. Maybe that info should be part of the formal review (in addition to the publication date). Even "last Tuesday" written in the text would be adequate.

KandN said...

Good idea, DeeDeeDiner.
The Salemite who contacted us, said that her friend had eaten there late last week (Feb. 8-10). That's an abrupt closing.

Anonymous said...

I work in the building next door, and it appeared to be open last week. Now it is closed, with a "For Lease" sign on the door.

Jia said...

What a bummer. I wanted to eat there again. :(