Lum-Yuen Restaurant

Today's lunch was from Lum-Yuen Restaurant. Some people rave about it, but only people that aren't sticklers for authentic Chinese food.

One time I tried to order something even remotely resembling Chinese food and I was told by the chef that they didn't serve Chinese food, but only Americanized Chinese food.

My lunch today was the #6 on their lunch combination menu. There was pork fried rice, a shrimp egg roll, and egg foo young. I was pretty surprised when I got my box of lunch, the egg roll was gigantic! It was the size of chimichanga! There wasn't much shrimp in it, but I can't say that it was bad. The rice was pretty good, but tasted like it was cooked in animal fat. And the egg foo young was about what I expected. It was decent, but it didn't have quite enough gravy.

Lum-Yuen seems like it would be a pretty good place to go for Americanized Chinese food, it's definitely a great value, but not very heart healthy, and definitely not authentic.

3190 Portland Road NE
Salem, OR 97301-0130

503. 581.2912

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Carole D. said...

Lum Yuen truly serves some of the worst food I have ever eaten.

What's extremely depressing is that they always ask their customers to vote for them as "The Best Chinese Food" in the area and routinely show up as finalists in that category.

All I can say is bleh!
Carole D.