J's Teriyaki and Pub

When you find a restaurant in a strip mall, it makes it feel like more of a gamble. I'm glad I was in the gambling mood today.

After driving by a multitude of times and thinking about going in, I finally did. I was greeted by the owner, who was a super sweet Korean lady and seated at a table. Their menu was great, many of the items listed had photos next to them, which helped me decide.

We ordered shrimp yakisoba, a crunch roll, and the pork & gyoza combination plate.

I was told that they make their sauce in-house, and it gives the sauce from Love Love a run for its money. The pork was amazing and the rice was cooked just right. The potstickers were hot and fresh and crispy. Our sushi roll was fantastic and the yakisoba was good too. It was better after I drowned it in sauce.

The prices for everything were very reasonable and if I had 5 dollars to spend, I would sooner come here than go a few doors over to Quizno's. It's not a romantic spot, but it would definitely be a nice place to go with friends.

I know it's silly, but while I was eating dinner, I couldn't help but say to myself, "This sauce is boss!"

613 Lancaster Dr. NE
Salem, Oregon 97301

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