West Side Wine Store

When you get a text at six in the morning from your mother, you do not expect it to be an invitation to go sparkling wine tasting. Except, that's exactly what it was. Certainly could not pass up on this opportunity.

On a soggy, cold Friday night, about 20 of us met at the West Side Wine Store at closing time. We were greeted very warmly by the owner, Randy. The evening was actually more of a sparkling wine class, not just a tasting and included snacks. For $10.00, we tasted six different sparkling wines and learned the differences between the sparkling wines and the varieties produced in the various regions, including some from Europe and even one from the southwestern region of the US!! 

With generous pours, my $10.00 was an excellent investment. I rarely buy sparkling wine, finding it goes flat before I can finish the bottle, never mind sample six different kinds! 

Randy will offer any kind of class you would like, from Wine 101, to specific varieties as long as there are enough folks to fill the class (around 10-12). It's a fun and educational way to spend an evening and you may just find a new favorite. 

550 Taggart Dr NW
Salem, OR 97304

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Anonymous said...

We had a birthday party here for two friends here and Randy taught us about French wines while we sampled. It was a wonderful evening. He's very entertaining and informative, and the wines he selected to have us taste were delicious. It's a neat store.