Top Pick 2012 Nominations

Here's the list of restaurants nominated to be in the Eat Salem Top Pick 2012 poll:
Wild Pear
Word of Mouth
Crooked House Bistro
La Capitale

Stay tuned to Eat Salem to vote for your Top Pick.


Nate Rafn said...

Any chance you can add The Bread Board? I really think they deserve to be on this list!

Anonymous said...

While I understand a person's frustration that his/her personal selection wasn't included, I do find it a little odd to make such a request after the voting ended.

By my count the Bread Board only had two votes; Venti's had at least six and still didn't make the cut...
Just another person's thoughts.

Anonymous said...

True, and yet I'm feeling the same way about the places I selected.

Salem Man said...

Thanks for catching that oversight, Venti's was nominated 7 times. They will be on the poll.