Momiji Crepes & Sushi

My girlfriend was visiting from out of town and we have a great appetite for sushi. I wanted to treat her to something delicious yet affordable, so I brought her to one of my favorite places for sushi, Momiji Crepes and Sushi (the one on Silverton Rd., not to be confused with the one on Commercial).

It was great because they offer a lunch special for under $8, from 11 AM until 4PM. You get to pick 4 pieces of nigiri and an eight piece roll. That is a deal that can't be beat. I ordered two lunch specials (like I said, I can put down some sushi). I ordered four pieces of escolar (white tuna) and a salmon avocado roll, as well as four pieces of fresh salmon with an eel roll. My friend ordered their 10 pc sashimi plate and their poke salad. The poke salad was made fresh right in front of us and it was super yummy.

They have the latest hours of any sushi place in town for when you get those late night cravings. They also offer drive through service so you can order and pick up your sushi without getting out of your car.

Also worth mentioning is that they offer free miso and hot green tea when you dine in. This is also the only place in town to get $1 nigiri every day. Our food was great, the service was friendly, we devoured everything, and now they're in my speed dial.

4590 Silverton Rd NE, Salem, OR 97305


Amecameca said...

Great review Jia and great pix! Thanks. So what is the connection between this place and the Momiji on S. Commericial? Do they really have crepes?

Jia said...

You bet they do. The crepes are really yummy and made right in front of you. They pretty much put in anything you want.

This Momiji and the one on Commercial Street have completely different ownership. A lot of the menu is pretty similar.

The one on Silverton Rd. (this one) has $1 nigiri all the time, but doesn't have the hot food/teriyaki items like the one on Commercial.

The one on Commercial has an assortment of hot food, teriyaki, and soups, but only has $1 nigiri on Sundays.

I find that the quality of fish is about the same. The staff at this location are younger than the other location. That's about all I can think of at the moment.

Thinking about sushi is making me really hungry.

Zoe the Salemist said...

I love sushi and consider myself a pretty good judge of the quality, having started on my sushi quest almost 30 years ago while growing up in Seattle. Momiji on Silverton is my favorite sushi joint in all of Salem. They know me by name there, and I've never had a bad meal. The crepes are so yummy, even if I'm stuffed with sushi I always order one for desert. There are only sweet crepes, no savory, but that's fine. They also have a pretty big sake selection, and will sell you (unopened) bottles of sake to take home with you, not that I'm a lush or anything (ok, I am). The only slight issue is sometimes it takes a while to make the sushi, and if you're super hungry it can seem like an eternity.

Jia said...


It's okay, I'm a lush too! If you put us together, we're "luscious". :)