Lucky Fortune Restaurant & Lounge

I went to Lucky Fortune again this week, and I'll just admit it, I go there at least once a week. The food there is pretty good, and the prices are very inexpensive... especially for adult beverages. They also have two pool tables and a bunch of televisions playing different types of shows.

I went again for my favorite thing that they make there, it isn't on the menu, but it's called Tofu Chow Fun. Even if you like eating meat, give it a try, and if you are vegetarian, you will end up here once a week like us. It's more than enough for two people at the price of $8.50 for a huge plate. You can also get top shelf drinks for around $5.

If you have a family, the restaurant might be the best choice, but if you're all above drinking age, the lounge is the place to sit. The food is yummy and the prices are definitely right. I've heard that the service can be hit or miss, but if you aren't a native Chinese speaker (which I am, so I can't comment on it), don't worry, people seem to get by just fine. Don't expect a fine dining experience, because you're certainly not paying for it!

1401 Lancaster Drive Northeast Salem, OR 97301
(503) 399-9189


Anonymous said...

Can you add an address, phone number and/or business hours for this establishment? I don't know where this place is...

Thanks! :)

Jia said...

Sorry about that, I've added the address and phone number. I believe they are open from 11 AM until 2 AM every single day.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow that was fast! Thanks Jia!