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~Review by Chuck Bradley

Tuesday was my second lunch at Roxxy Northwest.

On my first visit, I had their "Strait Outta Philly Cheese Steak" (Their spellings) Sandwich. If I may digress for a moment; I rarely order Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches because they are usually made with lots of Green Bell Peppers, which don't agree with me and Cheese Whiz which ranks right up there with Velveeta on my list of nasty things to put in my mouth. I've been admonished by ersatz purists who say it's not an authentic PCS without this stuff. I hereby make the distinction between "authentic" and good. This was a good PCS made with Prime Rib, Grilled Red, Yellow and Green Bell Peppers, Grilled Onions, Mushrooms and real Swiss Cheese all stuffed in a Cascade Baking Co. French Roll. I selected "Groupies" (regular cut French Fries) cooked crispy for my side. I also sampled their Southwest Chicken and Black Bean Soup which was excellent.

During my next visit, I had a bowl of Navy Bean and Ham Soup ($4) and it was as good as my Mom used to make. There is no higher praise. (Their Soups are freshly, scratch-made every day.) Kelly, my delightful server (and general manager), rattled off the specials, two of which were Beef Tacos for 50 cents and Shrimp Tacos for a dollar. I had a brace of the latter to augment my Soup. I fully expected Bay Shrimp, but they used chopped, battered and deep fried Prawns which were served on soft Corn Tortillas with Pico de Gallo and Shredded Cabbage with a wedge of Lime and Sour Cream and were very good.
The visual impression the venue leaves belies the food quality. It looks like a lot of places which offer the bare minimum in food to satisfy liquor license requirements. Not so here. I had a lengthy conversation with one of the owners, Jeremy Sandburg. Their commitment to use high quality, fresh, local ingredients and proper preparation is impressive.
The service both times was exemplary. Ashley and Kelly were helpful, friendly and fun. On both visits Jeremy came by my table to assure I was satisfied with my meals and service, a courtesy I appreciated.
My next visit will probably include one of their all natural, 1/3 pound, fresh (never frozen), hand spanked Burgers which, if my first two experiences here are any indication, will be amazing.
I’ve saved the best, for fellow tight-wads, for last. Nothing on their lunch menu is over $8!
Check Roxxy Northwest out. I think you’ll be glad you did.
1230 State ST
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 990-8142

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Jia said...

Thanks Chuck! I'm excited to try this place out.