Holiday Heart Warmer via Word of Mouth Bistro

According to WOM's Facebook page, many of you have read, commented on and shared the following, but I wanted to give more people an opportunity to read this sweet story. Enjoy your day and I hope you stumble upon a way to "pay it forward". Happy Birthday, WOM! ~KandN

"Happy Birthday to Us!!
Three years ago today Becky and I opened Word of Mouth Bistro. (Dec 15th, 2008)
Our plan was that I would cook and Becky would wait tables.
We thought we might need someone to bus tables during the lunch hour.
Our goal was to serve 50 plates a day.
Fast-forward to six months later, we grew to 20 employees and sometimes served 50 plates an hour.
Present day, it is crazy how many people make their way up the steps of the little green house on 17th Street.
We are forever grateful.

But, is this Success? I thought so until yesterday.
It was my day off and as I drove past WOM, I saw a shopping cart packed with cans and blankets right in front of the steps of the Bistro.
I drove a couple more blocks, pulled over, called the bistro and server Erin answered.
Her reply when I told her I saw the shopping cart and asked if they needed any help getting someone out of there was this: "No Steve, it's totally cool. He's sitting at table one.
One of our customers paid for his breakfast, another customer gave him a hundred dollars,
and the employees chipped in and gave him more."

Dumbfounded, I told her they were all Angels.
As I pulled back out into traffic I thought, "Wonderful-caring employees serving wonderful-caring customers and all of them lending a hand to someone less fortunate, in that little green house on 17th Street.
To have that spirit, that magic--THAT is Success."
Merry Christmas everyone!!"


Becky Mucha said...

We had a great 3 year birthday today, the holiday spirit was alive at WOM! Such a great vibe with multiple customers buying gift certs and leaving them with the servers to give to others, at their choosing. It's very cool, to see how contagious it is. We are so lucky to have such fantastic employees, who love their jobs, and love to make others feel welcome.. Thanks to everyone that supports us!

KandN said...

I was so moved by your story, I even shared it with the staff where I work. And now you tell me the story hasn't ended. :)
So sweet, so local and it's contagious!