DaVinci's Happy Hour

It was my friend's birthday the next day so I thought that we could have an early celebration with one of my favorite Salem food items, the DaVinci's Presidential Salad. I've had it a few times before, but this time was no less amazing than before.

The salmon is blackened and it melts in your mouth; it's served on a bed of Caesar salad with big pieces of grated Parmesan, and during happy hour, it's yours for the price of $6. They also have house white and red wines for $4 a glass.

We each got a Presidential Salad and we shared the Strawberry Mountain Burger which was divine. It was served on a Focaccia bun, with their aioli, blue cheese and awesome bacon with a side of chips. My tastebuds were so happy with me.

The two of us left with the most ridiculous check ever, about $30 for two glasses of wine, two salmon salads, and one of the most amazing burgers I've had in a beautiful, romantic setting. I should mention we also ordered a lemonade, all for that price. It blew my mind a little bit. I can't wait to have that salmon and burger again.

Sorry the photos don't do the food justice, they don't have the best photo lighting in there, but it is very romantic!


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DaVinci's is delicious!