La Hacienda Real- Keizer

Mexican food was on the menu for lunch today. I had take-out from La Hacienda Real in Keizer. I’m not especially well versed in Mexican food, but I occasionally get a craving. I ordered the Chicken en Mole and a shredded beef tamale.

It wasn’t the best looking lunch, but the portions were sizable. I also liked that they came in environmentally-friendlier containers. The Chicken en Mole wasn’t bad, the chicken was pretty dry, it was cut into little strips, but the sauce was pretty tasty. The rice and beans it came with also had good flavor.

My shredded beef tamale was decent; the meat was tender and well seasoned. I would have enjoyed more of it. I ended up with an excess the starchy dough.

I think that the most exciting thing about my meal was probably the chips and salsa. Their salsa had just the right amount of spice and it is tasted fresh and flavorful.

I’ve heard so many good things about this place, and I just don’t get it. I was really expecting to be blown away by the Mole. Maybe they were just having an off day?


Amecameca said...

Hey Jia, if you want really outstanding, authentic Mexican food in Keizer, the place to go is Plaza Morelia at 3391 River Road. The front of the place is a Mexican grocery, but the back is a taqueria with excellent fresh selections made to order. On the weekend they have lamb (borrego) which you won't find elsewhere in the area. Any of the tacos are good as are the huaraches. The folks at the back counter are very friendly and will help you with your selection. You can even get a Mexican beer to drink with your meal (not true of most tacquerias). I hope you will try Plaza Morelia.

Jia said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I crave Mexican food about twice a month so when I go I'll make sure to grab a friend. It sounds tasty AND convenient; grocery shopping and dinner all in one stop!

Jia said...

I went back here for lunch on Monday and I'm still finishing up my leftovers. My experience there this time was totally different. I ordered the Pollo a la Crema (chicken, cream sauce, mushrooms and onions) and the Carnitas con Nopales (shredded pork with cactus). It was really delicious. The service was friendly and I'm definitely going back for more.