Happy Holidays Ahead

Wine! Events!
Dining out with friends!
New and re-openings!
And also squeezing shopping and life as usual into the days ahead.

Just the act of typing that out made me feel a little stressed, yet giddy with excitement, too. (I can still conjure up a little childlike excitement at my age.)

Use Eatsalem's tabs at the top of the page to find out about events, what our favorite places are to eat, if you're looking for restaurant coupons or just need a link for hours & locations.
Stay safe in the days ahead and if you're a restaurant owner send us information on your upcoming event.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever been to dinner at the Rafns'? JC

DeeDeeDiner said...

"Thinking ahead" Dept.:Since places tend to get booked for New Year's Eve (and so many of the old favorites have disappeared)I'd be interested in hearing which restaurants EatSalemites think deserve special consideration for good food---and possibly---revelry.

KandN said...

We could even hold that discussion here. :)
But I will be putting up a post (soon, I promise!) about December happenings.

Anonymous said...

St. Paul's is having their once-every-few-years Renaissance Feast December 31st and they've told me they're offering wine again this time. So I'm going to revel with some good entertainment this year!