Brown's Towne Lounge

It was one of those rainy Oregon weekend days when it's hard to decide what to do or where to go. After a bit of driving around, we stopped and went to Brown's Towne Lounge in the Reed Opera House Mall downtown. I've had drinks here before but have never gone for food.

Happy hour was from 4-6, and they had some great prices for cocktails, beer and wine.

Our server was busy, and even though she had her hands full, she still gave fantastic service.

I was happy to see that there were quite a few veggie options on the menu, since vegetarian food can sometimes be hard to find in town. I ordered a Ninkasi Oatmeal Stout, and my date had Basil Hayden on the rocks. He had a veggie burger (which was great, but not on the menu, you have to ask for it), with avocado and Swiss cheese added, with a side of tots. I had onion rings from the happy hour menu.

The food was so much better than I expected. It is definitely much better than what bars around town usually make. We got out of there with a yummy late lunch and drinks plus tip for under $30.

Their happy hour menu includes items like spring rolls, sliders, salad, sweet potato fries, and much more. They also have pinball and pool, which is great for lazy weekend days. The people watching from the windows is great too.

It seems that their kitchen is pretty creative and they have lots of specials every day. I'll definitely be back.

189 Liberty St. NE
Suite 112
Salem, Oregon 97301



Trevor Elliott said...

I feel bad that no one suggested the best chicken strips. This are definitely worth a trip back for. Get the strips and tots and try all the dipping sauces that accompany the amazing and crisp tempura battered bites of ecstacy.

Zoe the Salemist said...

Totally second the chicken strips! They're my favorite thing at Browns, and I normally don't even like chicken strips, at all. They are made fresh and hand breaded, no frozen strips. Sadly, when I was there last weekend they had run out (clearly they're popular) so I had the wagyu beef burger instead, which is also pretty great, and the onion rings. I consider myself an onion ring connoisseur, and while not quite as great as Willamette Burger Co.'s still one of the best around.

Chuck Bradley said...

Trevor and Zoe! Thanks for the tip. Upon your sound advice, I had the Chicken Strips today. Excellent. And huge! Chicken Breast Logs may be a more appropriate moniker for these monstrous Breast pieces. (I liked the Sweet Chili Sauce Dip.)

Oh, I chose the Salad for my side. (I've been backing off on the Fries a bit lately.) It was fresh and good.

Lisa, my server, was a breath of spring breeze.

Barrymore said...

The owners and staff are awesome. Very comfortable atmosphere with incredibly good food. I suggest their home made soups and great bread. I especially like the fact that they display art and photography by local artists. There's always something new to enjoy.

Unknown said...

Just an FYI. There is not a pool table at Brown's Towne Lounge. There is, however, Foosball.

Next time you're REALLY hungry, come in and try the Wagyu burger! It's a half-pound of free-range, grass-fed beef, cooked to order with a side. It's my favorite burger!