Bentley's Grill

For the times that I want dependably amazing food, a nice atmosphere, and amazing cocktails, I go to Bentley's Grill.

For those that want the most bang for their buck, happy hour is the best time to go. They have some great weeknight specials. On Wednesday nights in the lounge, they have ladies night all night, with two special appetizers a few different cocktails at special prices. They have essentially every single kind of delicious top shelf vodka.

I went for a later night snack with a girlfriend. We had several of the ladies night cocktails and they were super delicious, the selections change every week and can be found on their website. They have some killer deals during the week and their happy hour food is affordable for the times that you want to do something special, but don't want to break the bank.

I've had quite a few things from their menu, but there is one thing that I can say is measures above others', and that is their crab cakes. I don't think any restaurant in town can hold a candle to their crab cakes. They come with this amazing slaw and tobiko aioli. Unlike other crab cakes that are served at fine dining restaurants, this one was packed full of crab meat with very little filler. I wasn't even able to get a photo of an entire one, because I dug in before remembering to take the photo.

We also had their Ahi tuna salad, we ordered it extra rare, that is also an appetizer that is not to be missed. My girlfriend tried these two things for the first time that night and she was blown away by the flavors and quality of the food. We had a fantastic time, and I'm already craving the crab cakes again.

Check out their websites for their menu, location, and specials.


Anonymous said...

Bentley's is what it is. A middle of the road hotel restaurant/bar. If you are traveling and staying at the hotel there, it is an ok spot to grab a beer and some food. I say that because when I am traveling and tired I have low expectations.

I have ate here twice and thought the food was very average and overpriced. The bar feels like applebees or olive gargen with nice lighting.

Service is adequate. Again makes me think of applebees or olive garden. They get the job done so I give them their due.

We have had so many good local restaurants open in the past couple years that are vastly superior that I just I cannot recommend this place.

There are places within walking distance of Bentley's that will give you superior food and superior service for the same general price. Divinci's, Marco Polo, Gamberetti's, Johnathan's, LaCapitale, Andaluz, Orupa...just to name a few.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I could not agree more. Bentley's is good at what they do but it is mediocre. I find their food uninspired and overpriced... the cocktails, the same, but also inconsistent. I used to have a group of girl friends who loved meeting here on Wednesday nights; so glad they've moved on and I can spend my money supporting some of the other wonderful, local restaurants you mentioned in your commment!


Rebekah said...

I have to agree. There are some things I like about Bentley's, like that fact that they are open later than most downtown restaurants and that they have a warm atmosphere for cold, rainy nights. However, I think there is much better food to be had in the vicinity, so I don't usually go there for the food. I do pick up some inexpensive happy hour appetizers sometimes with a drink though. But the food has always struck me as mediocre rather than amazing. I still go there occasionally, but more for the cozy fire than anything else.

Anonymous said...

Mediocre is the key word for this place.

Jia said...

You know what? I went back to DaVinci's tonight after a long absence, and the atmosphere there is definitely better. I had some awesome food there (which I'll mention later), but as great as other places are, I challenge anyone to find a better crab cake in town (at an actual restaurant) than Bentley's. I will actually show up and compare crab cakes. Well, mostly because I like to eat and crab cakes are kind of my favorite. Anyone?

Anonymous said...

I've only been in for food a couple times since they opened but each time I thought the food had potential to be good but was not seasoned and prepared well. Hopefully they have changed but I have a hard time giving them more chances with other options around.

Anonymous said...

Crab cakes at johnathan's are stellar