The Old Spaghetti Warehouse

After a day of shopping with my friend, we were both really hungry and in the mood for something hearty. I remembered that The Old Spaghetti Warehouse had moved into the old Alessandro's location and I was really curious as to what it looked like inside.

We walked in and the place was packed full. The hostesses were pleasant. I asked to sit upstairs because I had never been up there, she told me that the lighting upstairs was dimmer and more romantic.

I was pleasantly surprised by their menu choices, there were sauces with chicken liver and lots of vegetarian options. The meals also include their sourdough bread, soup or salad, and a dessert of your choice. You can also get your dinner a la carte for a bit less. I thought the prices were decent for the amount of food that you receive, but the quality was a little lacking.

I ordered fettuccine noodles with half mushroom Alfredo sauce and half clam sauce, the server told me about the soups available that night, and I picked the Portabella mushroom soup. My date ordered a vegetarian calzone.

The bread came and it was fresh and delicious (half a round of sourdough) and it came on a cutting board with a knife through the middle and a side of garlic butter. I asked for some balsamic, but it never came.

Moving on, the soup came to our table and it was pretty disappointing. The portion was large (it was a bowl and not a cup), but it was a watery cream soup with canned mushrooms and pretty salty. I was really hoping that they would make their soup fresh, but it tasted pre-made/canned and had a layer of oil on top. I figured it was still better than their salad though (which was iceberg).

I was then told that the fettuccine would take a lot longer to make and that my date's calzone was ready, so I decided to just get spaghetti noodles instead. Our dinner arrived and that's when things got better. My noodles were cooked perfectly and the sauce was pretty good. My date was happy with his choice, his calzone was huge and he thought it was pretty tasty.

For dessert we picked the Spumoni ice cream which was tasty and brightly colored. Our server was really pleasant and all in all we had a pretty good time. I really wish that they would have a salad without iceberg lettuce and maybe make some fresh soup. The garlic butter there is delicious and I'm looking forward to returning to try the chicken liver sauce.

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