McGrath's for breakfast

Are you a seafood lover who gets a hankering for a frittata style omelet with oysters, a smoked salmon scramble or crab and bay shrimp with hollandaise sauce? Maybe you yearn for a quiet breakfast spot with excellent service and several window seats? Even if you would rather eat standard breakfast fare (like me), the downtown Salem McGrath's is another breakfast option to add to your list.

True, friend Shirley and I did end up keeping our light jackets on throughout our meal (the furnace kicked in just as we were leaving) and the finish on their tables and the silverware isn't quite as new and shiny as it used to be, but having a quiet place for an extended breakfast with a friend and full coffee cups made up for it.

Our sides of delicately browned, tender red potatoes were delicious and a perfect foundation for my two over easy eggs. The kielbasa sausage was split down the center and seared on the hot grill just long enough to accentuate it's meaty, spicy flavors and retain it's juiciness. McGrath's offers a choice of a toast, cinnamon sticky bun, fresh baked muffins, banana nut bread or bagel with most of their breakfast entrees. I nearly went with a bran muffin, but yielded to peer pressure and ordered a sticky bun.

Shirley chose the California Omelet for the bacon, cheddar and avocado, minus the included salsa. Our waitress said the cook commented on the "naked omelet", and I wondered out loud if maybe it would be worth adding a "Naked California Omelet" to their menu. No? Never mind then. ;)

McGrath's for breakfast? They're worth a try, in my book.

Salem - Downtown
350 Chemeketa N.E. •
(503) 362-0736

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