Fuji Ricetime

Anytime anyone lets me pick the restaurant, it will always be sushi.

Tonight, one of my girlfriends from Portland came down to visit, so we went to Fuji Ricetime, which is probably my favorite place to eat in town. If I were super wealthy, there would be a good chance that I would eat here every day. Two of my favorite things on their menu are the Sun Roll and the Marion Roll. The Marion Roll comes on a bed of rice with eel sauce and tobiko. It is fried and has no rice in the actual roll, so it is a great choice for a low carb diet. The Sun Roll has scallops and tobiko and spicy tuna, but I always order it with spicy salmon.

We also ordered an asparagus roll, a spicy tuna roll, edamame (soybeans), and teriyaki tofu (fried).

My wallet is usually sad after I eat here, but my mouth never is. This time was no different.
The fish was so fresh and the flavors and portions were just perfect.

There are a few things to remember about coming here though:

*Closed on Sundays
*No table service at lunch
*Extremely affordable for lunch (with no table service, you have to order at the counter)
*Expensive for dinner but exceptional quality for sushi, decent for everything else.
*Not open between lunch and dinner.

If you want to know what sushi should taste like, this is the place to go.


Oh, and let me apologize for the quality of the photos in advance, I had my camera phone, it was a little dim, and I was shaking with anticipation of these things being in my belly.


Anonymous said...

Makes me wish I liked sushi ;) Thank you, Jia!

Anonymous said...

Loved the lunchtime bento box

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of Fuji and eat there once a week - for years. The teriyaki chicken is my favorite. Last couple of times wasn't as good as usual. Seems like they changed their chicken.

The sushi here is pretty good but there are places in Portland that really have ruined me for sushi. Actually the best is sushi track in Wilsonville. Dragonfish in downtown pdx.

Jia said...

I know what you mean about places in Portland. My favorite in Portland is Bamboo Sushi, it's hip, delicious, and sustainable.

I don't eat the cooked food at Fuji Rice Time, mostly because that takes away room in my belly I could be filling with sushi. My vegetarian friend goes with me and he gets the tofu yakisoba. He said that it was pretty average.

The hot foods are decent, not amazing, but the sushi... is pretty amazing.