Festival Thoughts

This summer, I remember reading a local's Twitter comment about being "festivaled out".

I understand that feeling, particularly during the brief 2 week period of August when it feels like the festivals will never stop. Cramming the events in probably makes use of the warm weather or the possible tourist dollars during the summer vacation season, but maybe it's time to think about spacing the festivals out. Most folks don't want to miss any opportunities for fun and can't (or wouldn't want to) handle more than one big activity a weekend.

Recently, a California transplant clued me into Oakland's "Eat Real Festival". It takes place in September, during the peak of the harvest season. Doesn't that sound like a natural for the Willamette Valley? The timing is good, too. There's  less competition for our weekends this time of year. Unless you count sports and raking leaves, of course.

Wouldn't it be fun to block off a street, bring in area food vehicles, local chefs doing demos on cooking with local produce, beer, wine, cider tastings? Like Wednesday Market, but bigger.

Can you think of any festivals that you'd like to see happen in the area?
Or is there something you miss, if you're a transplant?

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