The Bread Board (article)

Just spotted this Facebook link and wanted to share OPEN Forum's great article with worthy praise for a Falls City business:

Falls City, Oregon
by Katie Morell Contributor, OPEN Forum Editors

"Drive down Main Street in Falls City on the weekends and you’ll be lucky to find a place to park. The streets are packed for one reason: everyone is there to buy sourdough and pizza at The Bread Board, a bakery that opened in mid-2010 on the corner of Main and Third Street.

 This is a startling sight for the 900-person town. Located about an hour south of Portland, Falls City was once a booming (in the 1920s) lumber town that has since fallen into a deep depression with a reputation of drug-using residents and high unemployment. There’s been no reason to go there.

 That is until John Volkmann and Keith Zinn moved to town in 2009. The couple met in Northern California where Zinn was working at a bakery. They wanted to settle down, but budgets couldn’t accommodate California prices, so they ventured north until they found a Victorian fixer-upper and fell in love at first sight. The house just happened to be in Falls City.

 Zinn also made furniture and . . ." (click here to read the rest)

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 9am to 8pm. (pizzas from 4-8pm only)
404 N. Main Street, Falls City,
OR 97344 | 503-787-5000


Michael Rice said...

That's great. My wife surprised me with a long drive in the country that ended here. I've been meaning to go back to write up a little review with photos.

The facility is really nice. We went in the summer and it was a very pleasant evening to sit outside. The kids were able to play in the grass. Nice little picnic tables.

The staff were super friendly and very small town (that is a high compliment from me). They walked us through the menu and help me understand what they do and more importantly find a nice pint of beer.

The pizza: This is what we came here for. I am a pizza nut. We ordered a half cheese and half pepperoni. The crust was really nice and flavorful. Clearly they are using good quality cheese. The pepperoni had a gourmet quality to it - like a good dry salami. Honestly it was several months ago so I don't recall all the specifics - but I do remember that I liked it and have recommended the place to a lot of people.

Overall, this is a great find. It is a bit of a drive (40 mins +/-) and I recommend you call ahead because it is my understanding that they aren't open every day and can run out of dough if busy. However, if you are looking for a special place - I highly recommend this place. Great food and very pleasant experience.


Chuck Bradley said...

Here are my notes from our visit earlier this year:

The tiny hamlet of Falls City Oregon boasts two eateries which have come to me highly recommended. This is one of them. All their Breads and Pizzas are baked in a wood fired brick oven of he owners own creation. You've got to try their "House Plate" Bread Sampler with Hummus, Olive Tamenade, Pesto and Roasted Red Pepper Spread. Fantastic! Having done that, if you don't haul home at least one loaf of their artisan Bread, you have no soul! She who must be obeyed and I drove from Salem to Falls City today specifically to try this highly recommended place. We each had their amazing Turkey and Provolone Panini Sandwich on Sour Dough. They came with Spinach Salads with dried Cranberries and Sunflower Seeds and a wonderful Honey Mustard Dressing on the side. Carol had a cup of; as good as you'll find anywhere, Drip Coffee for $1! Where else can you buy a cup of decent, let alone excellent, Coffee for a buck in 2011? This place certainly lived up to its reputation. I'll be trying Paula's Kitchen in the near future. Stay tuned more to come.

AMY said...

I've been a big fan of The Bread Board ever since I had to run over to the Independence farmers market to get their bread. I've been out to their Falls City location a few times, and really enjoyed it. Last time was back in early summer/late spring.

Last night I took my husband out there for the first time, promising him a great pizza and a fantastic dessert. It was a Friday night, so I expected they'd be well stocked. The other times I'd been there, their desserts were diverse and plentiful.

I was disappointed when the dessert case held just cookies and a piece of cheesecake.

Then I saw the pizzas on offer... or rather the price. $23 each for any of the four pies. That's like a 30-40% jump in price from the last time I was there!

Their pizza is rustic style; a very thin crust, with a very modest covering of toppings. It's good, don't get me wrong, but $23 a pie? The toppings are quality, but unless the pizza has changed dramatically (which it didn't look to have from tables eating that I could see) that price is a little out of line in my opinion.

I'm sorry to say we said no, and left. :(

Anonymous said...

Really? $23 dollars for a quality pizza that would serve 2 people? Doesn't seem any different than what I'd pay at SFNY pizza or Christo's.
Now I have an urge to go try their pizza.

AMY said...

Anon -- both SFNY and Christo's are much more substantial than theirs. Certainly give it a try -- it's a lovely drive, and they have a great location, too.

Michael Rice said...

I ate there back in September/October and the prices were right around $20-23 for a pie.

It's not cheap but I felt the price to value ratio was good. They are in line with SFNY/Christos for what you get for your money.

I really think this is a nice joint and a great place to drive to. Highly recommended by this pizza nut.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that their $23 pie is in line with what I've paid in the past at the Bread Board. I think it's worth every penny.

SFNY is similar in price, and when I worked with Christo's, I remember one of their most popular pies was $26.75. No one really seemed to mind. I understand your disappointment, but unfortunately that seems a going rate for a quality pizza around here. It sounds like you know one when you see one... next time maybe you'll be more prepared for the price. Thanks for sharing!