Spaghetti Warehouse

What a sweet hostess N and I encountered behind the counter at Spaghetti Warehouse! She was juggling (at least) 3 immediate tasks when we approached the counter, but she took the time to give us a big smile and let us know she'd be with us momentarily. I don't know about you, but I appreciate someone taking the time to talk to me and letting me know where I stand on their list of priorities.

It wasn't long before she was leading N and I to a table for two. The only visible changes inside since Alessandro's left, are the furniture and the wall decorations. Those lovely brick walls are still providing that historic downtown feel and one table over from ours was a familiar brass bed booth from the old Spaghetti Warehouse location.

Their menu remains the same, with the same font and the same offerings, which may be reassuring to their regulars. Both of us ordered a glass of red wine and since it was a late (7pm) dinner, we didn't take long to order. N decided on a plate of their spaghetti with Italian sausage and I ordered their penne rigate pasta with pesto. You can order ala carte or their option of a full dinner including salad and dessert. We both chose the full dinner and a glass of red wine.

Our entrees were brought out on the heels of our salads. They were hot and fresh with some nice flavors--particularly the spicy sausage featured with N's spaghetti. My only complaint (besides the dressing being served on our salads, rather than on the side), was that our waitress, though pleasant, gave us the impression that she had more important things to do than take our orders. I could almost understand if the restaurant had been busier and she was the only one working the tables, but this wasn't the case. She wasn't rude, but she did give us the impression that she was rushed.

When the restaurant moved into their new location, one of the employees told me they hoped to be serving lunch soon. I asked our hostess if that was still a possibility. She said the owners are still busy working on new menu items for the lunch crowd. I was glad to hear there will soon be another downtown option for lunch.

Spaghetti Warehouse may not serve you swoon worthy recipes, but it is good, decent food, with full service at a great value. And now that the ambiance has taken a giant step forward in the new-to-them venue, that value has increased.

120 Commercial St
Salem, OR
503 391-9005

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Anonymous said...

I hope their servers do better here, than the old location! They would forget things, make you wait forever if you asked for anything extra, (like water, or more bread), and were just not polite. It sounds like they haven't changed much. Your customer is your business, so you give THEM your total attention. I was so hoping for a better review. Dang!