Roxxy Northwest

This just in from Sam I Am:

The door is open & this sign is on the sidewalk!

Could this great location be coming back to life? Too bad we can't just call it Lefty's.

Roxxy Northwest


Anonymous said...


This is a very difficult location to make work. Leffty's was doing a big volume but couldn't make ends meet and the owners didn't need to make money.

I sure hope they can make it work. Live music is Salem is a tough venture but a worthy one.

KandN said...

Is it the location or has it been due to other issues? Other businesses in that area are doing fine.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious to hear - did anyone checked this out over the weekend?

AMY said...

A friend tried it and said it was a good menu, good food. I'm going to perhaps make it today for lunch.

Anonymous said...

Just found this: Roxxy Northwest website

Anonymous said...

great food and great service and good prices

Anonymous said...

"great food and great service and good prices "

What did you eat? What was good about it?

Service was good in what ways?

Tell us more about the good prices.

Inquiring minds want to know all the good and great details.

Anonymous said...

I've been in a a couple of occasions. I had their Fleetwood Mac & Cheese Burger and I do have to say that it was really good. If you like mac and cheese, this is really good. I've had it alone and on the burger and it is good. According to the chef it is all made from scratch. I've also had the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich and it was great. Quite tasty. The service was good as they were quite attentive and made sure I didn't need anything as I ate. As far as the prices, they seem reasonable to me. They are cheaper then next door on either side and in my opinion the food is a little better. Different for sure. I highly recommend lunch but still waiting for a good dinner menu. I hope this helps with the info. I am sure I will be eating their often and will report what I find.

Chuck Bradley said...

What a delightful surprise! This place has the face of Mata Hari and the heart and soul of Mary Poppins. It is not at all what it seems.

Lunch today for me was and amazing “Strait Outta Philly Cheese Steak”. Prime Rib, Grilled Peppers (Red, Yellow and Green), Gilled Onions, Mushrooms and Swiss Cheese on a Cascade Baking Co. French Roll and served with crispy “Groupies” (regular cut French Fries). $7.50!

I had a very informative conversation with the gregarious and forthcoming restaurant manager, Jeremy Sandburg, who’s really committed to using fresh and local ingredients whenever possible. His soups are scratch made fresh every day. Burger Patties are all hand-spanked 1/3 lb. all natural Beef. This kind of commitment to quality, at these price points, is unheard of. (No single serving item on either breakfast or lunch menu was over $8!)

A dinner menu is in the works. Evenings will feature live, local entertainment the likes of Ty Curtis and The Boomers, just to name a couple.

Don’t judge this book by its cover! From the outside, it looks like just another fringe-of-downtown bar. Look under the skin and check out the menu. I think you’ll be glad you did.

Chuck Bradley said...

Roxxy Northwest is the latest addition to my list of secret places. To qualify, a place must have good quality Food, acceptable service and great prices. RN excels in all categories.

Today I had two Shrimp Tacos for $1 each (this was a special along with Beef Tacos for 50 cents) and a bowl of wonderful, scratch-made Navy Bean and Ham Soup. ($4) Truth be told, I expected Bay Shrimp. What I got were chopped, deep fried Prawns in soft Corn Tortillas with Pico de Gallo, Shredded Cabbage served with a Lime Wedge and a generous cup of Sour Cream! How can they do that?

The top end of their menu price points is $8.

Kelly, server (and general manager), is on point with a bunch of exuberance coupled with top flight service.

Note: My secret places never stay secrets very long. I just have to share!

Unknown said...

The Roxxy is under new management. The menu has changed along with its business model. The new owner is creating a restaurant inside a music venue, with a bar, rather than a bar with music and bar food. The chef is a Le Cordon Bleu trained and experienced chef who brings quality, flavor, and value to the needy Salem market. He cheffed at the Joel Palmer house for two years previous to taking on the challenge of The Roxxy. Great prices, great food, great venue- what's better?

Oregon Maiden said...

Sounds promising...what is the chef's name and anticipated rollout date for the latest iteration? Will the website be updated to reflect menu and other changes?

Unknown said...

Chef Bob Warnock. Ongoing changes to the menu. New specials every day. New printed menu in a few days. Yes, the website will be easy to navigate and will show all of our latest info. We will also have an events and ticket sales area. Still fine tuning the new site. Keep watching!

Chuck Bradley said...

Had The Roxxy's "Shrimp Rickenbacker" yesterday. Delicious! Good food, good service and folks with some business savvy and culinary artistry. I think the Warnocks are the team to make a go of it in this venue.