Papa di vino - sad news

This may not be new to many of you, but I wanted to put it up as a reminder for those of you who wish to either go in one last time or use your gift certificates. ~KandN

From Papa Di Vino:

To All:

We are sending this notice to let our customers know that we are closing/selling our shop. As you know, Sarah and I recently retired and thought this would be a great retirement project. However, the amount of time and the hours of operation have been more of a commitment than we anticipated. It has been hard to dedicate this amount of time away from our grandkids and family. It truly has been an exciting adventure and we have enjoyed the many wonderful new acquaintances. We will miss you all!

Our plan is to close the shop by September 30th. We would like to provide the month of September as an opportunity for everyone with a gift certificate a chance to redeem them as soon as possible.

Also, if anyone is interested in purchasing our shop or any of the equipment, please contact us at Papa di vino’s or call us at 503-364-3009.

We want to thank you for your support these past 9 months, and we appreciate your patience while we learned about wine and the wine business. Quite an experience!

All the best to you all!

Gary, Sarah, and Ryan Jennings

Papa Di Vino
1130 Royvonne Ave Se. #104
Salem, Oregon 97302

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