Ovenbird Bakery

~Review by Chuck Bradley
On the river side of Main Street in downtown Independence is a new eatery. It is the product of the combined efforts of three Oregon Chefs: Bethany Schamp, Scott Viegas and Katie Schaub. It’s in a charming old building complete with brick interior wall (always character enhancing, to my eye) and next door to, local landmark, Andy’s CafĂ©. There several tables are available for dining in, or you can choose sidewalk tables for an alfresco option.

 We arrived around 2 PM so their Baked Goods cases were far from full, but what we saw was enticing. There was a variety of Scones, Tarts, Pies, Cinnamon Rolls, fluffy Croissants, Cakes and Turnovers. Having just finished the mid-Willamette Valley’s only Green Chile Cheeseburger at the M Street Diner in Monmouth (more to come) I wasn’t able to sample one of their Deli Sandwiches today, but I quizzed Mr. Viegas about them at some length. He was very forthcoming and helpful.

They’re dedicated to using locally produced ingredients whenever possible. Their Quality Deli Meats include Roast Beef, Turkey, and Ham. They also offer Steak and Pulled Pork Sandwiches. The Breads used are, of course, baked in-house. The ambient aromas in the place were heavenly.

Just as surely as I couldn’t walk out and leave that flakey, golden Fresh Peach Turnover behind (it was delicious enough to imbue the stoutest heart with weighty guilt), I’ll be returning anon to try one or more of their lunch offerings.

It should also be mentioned that they cater events large and small.
I’m really excited about this new place.
If you’ve been there or will be going soon, let us know your thoughts!

Ovenbird Bakery Days: Monday through Saturday 7am to 6pm 215 S Main ST
Independence, OR 97351
 (503) 837-0109


Anonymous said...

Their fruit-filled cinnamon rolls are addictive. :)

Chuck Bradley said...

We were excited at the prospect of fresh baked Bread and quality ingredients promised on our earlier visit. We were not disappointed in this regard.

I was surprised that at 11:20 AM they were out of Pulled Pork and Steak for Sandwiches. I ordered a Ham and Swiss on Rye and discovered the two Bread choices were Vegetable Wheat and Sour Dough. A curious development, we thought, for a bakery so early in the day. Carol ordered a Chicken Salad Sandwich.

No water or beverage was presented or offered.

I found a thermal carafe of Decaf and poured one for my bride.

Our Sandwiches arrived. Small plastic condiment cups filled with fresh Blue Berries were on the plates. Nice touch. No Chips were included or available, as far as we could tell. Ham was generously applied. Not so with the Swiss Cheese. Garden fresh Lettuce and Yellow Tomato were on both. Carol’s Chicken Salad was good. Both were built on thick slabs of just-sliced Vegetable Wheat Bread which was quite tasty.

The prices were reasonable with both Sandwiches and a large gourmet to-go cup of Decaf totaled $10.50.

All in all, a good lunch despite the inconsequential oddities of the place. We’d go back.