Latitude One

Have you been to Latitude One in Dallas, Oregon? I only ask, because I was wondering if I'm the only one who hadn't discovered that this restaurant is a gem worth checking out, though I'm sure the residents would prefer to keep it to themselves.

 It's situated on the corner of Main and Court. The big, decorative double doors (the handles were crafted by a local blacksmith) are cut into the corner of the building, giving you a full view of the open dining room when you step inside. The interior is nicely done with local art on the walls, crisp white table cloths, high back chairs and a beautiful bar as the focal point. Just to the left of the entrance, you'll see a long, cushion and pillow-covered bench providing seating for three tables, with a bank of windows providing a view of Court Street.

 The owner greeted us warmly and asked where we'd like to sit. Since I prefer natural light for taking food photos, we chose to eat our dinner at one of those window tables I mentioned above. It took N quite a bit of rearranging and pillow fluffing to get situated beside me, but it was worth it to be able to enjoy the beauty of the old building. As she handed us the wine list, she told us about her preference to carry wines from some of the smaller boutique Oregon wineries and would we like a taste of Ghost Hill Cellars, Pinot Blanc, there just happened to be an open bottle. "Yes, please!" The wine was incredibly light and dry with a fruity/perfumey finish. Very nice! And we would've chosen to order a glass, if we hadn't read a tempting list of cocktails on their website.

 One of the first things you'll notice as you look over the menu is the reasonable prices. Not what you expect from a restaurant that has a formal feeling. They offer a selection of small plates for under $10, three salads and eight entrees, ranging in price from $6.50 - $20. If you're ordering an entree, you can choose one of their three salads at no extra charge.

 Let the ordering begin. We each chose a martini to sip before ordering: raspberry sorbet for N and pomegranate for me. I decided to start with a caprese salad, while N chose the Latitude salad with bacon and goat cheese. I picked Chicken Parmesan for my dinner and N went with Latitude "7" Lasagna.

 While N enjoyed every bite of his salad, I was disappointed with my caprese. I had hoped for more tomato and less cheese (even though the mozzarella was delicious), plus I wish the tomatoes had been riper with more basil. The chef redeemed himself with the marinara sauce on my Chicken Parmesan. So rich! So flavorful! A perfect compliment to my succulent chicken breast. N appreciated the addition of the same marinara sauce to his dish before the lasagna was added. He said his dinner was cheesy and delicious, but he wished there had been sausage added to the organic beef, to provide a bit more flavor.

 We ordered a second martini halfway through dinner. Between the owner and the bartender, we were very well tended. After we were done eating, the owner tipped us off that live music would start soon. Perfect! We would've stayed even longer if it hadn't been time to go home and walk the dogs.

No doubt about it, we'll be going back.

Hours : 4-10 pm Thursday-Saturday
Facebook Page
904 Main Street,
Dallas Oregon 97338
(503) 831-1588

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