Gluten-Free Breads @ Great Harvest

Just a quick shout out to Great Harvest Bread Co., who recently  introduced new line of gluten-free "friendly" loaves.  They are made with 100% gluten-free ingredients, though Great Harvest points out that their facility is not gluten-free.  While they take precautions to minimize contamination, the breads may contain trace amounts of gluten.  Those with high sensitivity should be cautious.

That being said, Mr. B., who is pretty sensitive to trace amounts of gluten, had one slice of the white and two slices of the cinnamon chip and had no reaction.  Well, no reaction to gluten, anyway.  His actual reaction was "this bread is awesome, gimme another slice!"

Both the white and the cinnamon chip were light and airy, while still maintaining a moistness not found in many gluten-free breads.  It toasted well in our home toaster, which can sometimes be a challenge with gluten-free breads.  The white loaf would make good sandwiches.  The cinnamon chip is delicious toasted with butter.

Gluten-free "friendly" loaves are baked fresh on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and may be available daily from the freezer.  At present time there are no known plans to make other gluten-free goodies (but we are crossing our fingers).

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Anonymous said...

I have had Celiac for ten years and Great Harvest's Glutenless bread is fantastic! I used to buy Udi's but am also sensitive to yeast. Thus, I could only eat it a few times a week. The loafs I buy here in Fort Collins, CO are a quick bread and do not have yeast, giving me the freedom to have as much as I like. This bread crumbles well too and I have not had to pay the ridiculous prices for GF bread crumbs to use in recipes. Virtual Godsend! Thanks Great Harvest!