Our Favorite Foods

A couple weeks ago, the amazing, one-woman research team of KandN found this article:

We thought it would be interesting to make it local. So, after polling the contributors of EatSalem, we've compiled a list of our favorite foods in the Salem-Keizer area. 

Adam's Ribs - Pulled pork sandwich
Alcyone Cafe - Alcyone Chef Salad
Amadeus - Chocolate peanut butter torte
Amadeus - Hummus
Andaluz - Churros
Andaluz - Sauteed Mushrooms
Bentley's Grill - Crab Cakes
Best Little Roadhouse - Texas Eggrolls
Brown's Towne Lounge - BLT
Burgerville (Monmouth) - Blackberry shake
Cascade Baking Co.- Blueberry scone
Christo's Pizzeria - Family-Style Spaghetti
Christo's Pizzeria - Napoli pizza
Court Street Dairy - Ranch Burger
DaVinci's  - Presidential Salad
Depot Cafe (Albany) - Medium fish plate
Downtown Market & Deli - Tzaziki
Fuji Rice Time - Sun Roll
Happy Curry - Samosas
India Palace - Chicken Tikka Masala & Garlic Naan
Johnny's Bar & Grill - Deep Fried Pickles
Jonathan's - Clam Chowder
Kim Huong - Grilled Pork Bun Salad
Kim Huong - Tofu salad rolls
Kwan's Cuisine - Mock Sweet and Sour Chicken
Kwan's Cuisine - Vegetarian Pot Stickers
La Hacienda - Flour Tortillas with rice and beans (remember to save some for breakfast next day, yum!!!)
La Margarita - Enchilada Suiza
La Margarita - Mushroom Quesadilla
La Margarita - Pedro's Margarita (drink)
La Margarita Express - Cheese Pupusa
La Margarita Express - Cheese and Pork Pupusa
Little Cannoli Bakery - Eclair & Florentine Cookies
Love Love Teriyaki - Teriyaki Chicken Bowl
Love Love Teriyaki - Teriyaki Chicken and Pork
McGrath's Fish House - Crab & Shrimp Wontons
Pita Pit - Falafel Wrap
Salvador's Bakery - Bakery Tacos
Sassy Onion - Prosciutto Scramble
SFNY's Pizza (Any)
Super Pho - #17(Marinated Pork over vermicelli)
Super Pho - Pork Summer Rolls
Thai Lotus - Drunken Noodles
Tong King - Cold Noodle Salad
Venti's - Sweet potato fries
Venti's - Moroccan Chicken Pita
Venti's - Smoked Salmon Quesadilla
Vietnam Restaurant - Grilled pork and shrimp Bun
Walery's pizza (for thin crispy crust)
Word of Mouth - Creme brulee french toast
Word of Mouth - Clam Chowder
Word of Mouth - Caprese Omelete
Word of Mouth - Incredible Flying Biscuit
Word of Mouth - Chicken Fried Steak
Word of Mouth - Signature corned beef hash

What are your favorite dishes? 


KandN said...

Obviously, there's a whole lot of craving going on amongst our group! :>)
And Amber, I might have shared that link, but you had the brainstorm of making a local list.
Can't wait to hear what makes other people salivate.

Anonymous said...

Thai Beer -- #1 Pad Phet with chicken

Amecameca said...

Once again on the Eat Salem blog the eating preferences of the 20% of Salemites who are latinos are underrepresented. Let me help you out on that...

La Brisa Restaurant -- Costillas de Puerco
Junior's Taqueria -- Sopes de Pollo
Los Temos -- Birria de Chivo Combination
El Pollo Felix -- 1/4 Pollo Asada
Azteca Bakery & Torteria -- Molotes
El Rinconsito -- Tamales de Puerco
Mercado San Francisco -- Torta Ahogada
Los Panditas -- Tacos Al Pastor
Plaza Morelia -- Huarache con Borrego
Carneceria El Rodeo -- Tacos de Linguisa
La Concentida Carneceria -- Tacos de Carnitas

This is the best eating in Salem whether you are latino or not, and the best authentic Mexican food in the entire state.

Chuck Bradley said...

This could be a huge undertaking!

Here is just a few:

Goudy Commons Small Plates

El Pollo Feliz Conejo Asado (Grilled Rabbit)

Padington’s Humdinger

Super Pho Salad Rolls

Willamette Burger Co. Bleu Cheese/Bacon Burger

Love Love Teriyaki Spicy Chicken Plate

John’s Chinese Restaurant General Tau Chicken

Gamberetti’s Pesta Pollo

Mercado San Francisco Torta Ahogado

Salvador’s Bakery Queadilla de Pollo

Amber said...

You know Amecameca, the great thing about EatSalem is it's just a small group of local folks volunteering their time and their pocketbooks, trying to help folks find local Salem restaurants. By no means is this list or blog meant to be exhaustive and everyone is entitled to their own opinion without being belittled. That is why we open these posts up for comments, we want everyone to share their thoughts in a respective manner.

Amber said...

Chuck - have you tried the taco truck next to Salvador's on Silverton? I think it's called Mariscos? They have conejo as well, which I haven't yet tried, but we are a big fan of their tacos. My husband and I recently did a Taco Truck Tour and they were our faves. To be honest, we didn't get very far, just 3 trucks - we have to learn to pace ourselves better for Taco Truck Tour. :-)

Chuck Bradley said...


I composed my post a little late last night, was tired and consequently, a little lazy. I abbreviated their rather lengthy name (Mea culpa). I should have written "El Pollo Feliz/Mariscos Playa Azul".

Try the Rabbit. It's great! So's the 1/4 Roasted Chicken, as Amecameca mentioned.

Amber said...

Chuck - I can relate! I'm never sure what their name is, it's so long. We actually ordered 30 tacos from the for my husband's birthday, all disassembled. Called the order in the day before, they were all ready for me when I got there, brought them home and everyone put their own tacos together. It was wonderful and boy was he happy to have a taco truck birthday!

Amecameca said...

Amber - My apologies if I made you feel "belitted."But the original list in this post contains (with the exception of Salvador's) only a few of the Americanized Mexican food places in town and none of the real Mexican places which have some of the best and most unique food in our fair city. I am tired of frequenting these places and never seeing a gringo. Salem needs to embrace the Latino culture here and stop with the de facto segregation. Food (and music) is one of the best ways to break down the barriers between cultures. I challenge you to try the food on my list and do a post on Eat Salem for each of these fine establishments.

Amber said...

Actually, Amecameca, I agree completely about the segregation in Salem from a very personal level as my family sees and experiences it first hand.

As for your challenge, it's a bit in vain as we do eat at some of the places you mention and a few you didn't mention. As for writing a post, at some point I probably will. However, my pocketbook is certainly not limitless and it's very easy to be an armchair quarterback.

And, at the end of the day, who is anyone to argue with what someone's personal favorites are? Again, the reason we did this post was for others to add their own favorites.

Salem Man said...

Amecameca let's have an Eat Salem meetup at one of these places. Send me an email eatsalem@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Amecameca, maybe you should become an official contributor here. Your reviews on urban spoon and here in the comments are well-written and informative. If you see that we need more representation of the restaurants you mentioned, you may be just the person to do it!

Great beginning to a list of Salem's favorite foods. I agree Super Pho #17 is about as good as it gets! I make it at home. Their pork is exceptional though! I make Texas eggrolls at home, too, because I don't care to visit either Roadhouse if I can help it.

Eatsalem meetup is a great idea! It's been a long time since one was scheduled, and I still haven't attended one.... :)


AMY said...

This has NOT helped me choose a lunch venue. My head is spinning. :)

I'll add the Texas Eggrolls from Original Roadhouse Grill. (That'll piss off TWO groups at once, I'm sure. I'm not making a cultural, political, spiritual or religious statement. I'm talking about FOOD.)

Also, the Carne Asada plate from Aiberto's. The pulled pork is good too; Scot and I get one of each and swap. Can't beat it from M-Th... two with drinks for $9.99!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I've been meaning to ask -- Chuck, Amecameca or anyone who frequents the more overlooked, authentic Mexican eateries in town... do any of them have liquor licenses? Nothing goes with tacos like beer.... (is it Friday afternoon or what?)


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Guitar: I would say the best place to enjoy a beer with authentico Mexican food is at Los Temos, on Hwy 99E, a bit north of Chemawa Rd. Look for the sign on the right side of the road with the goat head. They have delicious birria de chivo (stewed goat) and homemade tortillas. On the weekends they also have tamales (two kinds the last time I was there). Ask for a cup of "consome" which is the broth that results from stewing the goat. None of this is "goaty" flavored or weird. It is delicious. And you can get a beer with your meal. On weekends there is often a Mexican conjunto band (bass, accordion, guitar, drums) playing requests. So you get the great Mexican food and music at one joint. You could be in Zacatecas or Saltillo, but hey, you are in Salem! Priceless.

Amecameca said...

Anon 7:02 was me, your humble servant.

Anonymous said...

Amecameca, thank you so much. Goat IS delicious. None of our friends will eat it with us (they won't eat lengua or cabeza either) but my husband and I are going to love this place! Can't wait to find a chance to go.

-guitar4me [a female :)]

Anonymous said...

I like goat too! Let's have an Eat Salem meetup at this place.

Comida authentica + cerveza = mmmmm!

- gringa (rachel)

Amecameca said...

Sorry Ms. Guitar. I always think guitars are a guy thing. The Mexican beers at Los Temos are only $3 too. Cheap.

Anonymous said...

i agree with you on the guitar thing, Amecameca. no offense taken. aaaaand i think we do need an eatsalem meetup here (@ Los Temos)! a weeknight this week? anyone?


KandN said...

Thank you, Bryan!

Anonymous said...

Banh mi (vietnamese sandwiches) at Saigon on Court Street downtown. I have been having a great time introducing all of my friends to what is hands down the finest sandwich in town, because let's face it, who goes into a vietnamese restaurant thinking sandwich?

Here's the quick breakdown of the ingredients:

1) Mini-french baguette, vestige of colonialism aside, some restaurants use a baguette that has a mixture of wheat and rice flour, producing the best bread you've ever had. I think Saigon uses only wheat flour, but they are still delicious.

2) Your meat of choice. I'm partial to the lemon-grass marinated pork, but you can't go wrong with the chicken, or the bbq pork. Even the viet-style pork meatballs are good, but not my favorite. For the non-meat eaters, there is a tofu version as well.

3) Veggies! I encourage you to NOT try to customize your first banh mi. Eat it the way it is supposed to be made and then tinker with it if you like (I've yet to take anyone who tinkers with their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. sandwich other than maybe asking for no peppers). Traditional sandwiches are served with carrot and daikon that is pickled that morning, fresh cilantro, sliced cucumber, and sliced jalapeno.

4) Condiments. The traditional condiments are a pate/mayo mixture and a red chili sauce. Despite what they say, the chili sauce is not hot, but rather a sweet kind of heat. If you truly avoid heat, ask for no jalapenos, as they use fresh, thickly cut peppers with the seeds in.

The best part is the price. You will get a filling, mouth-watering sandwich for under $4.00. I'm not sure how the Quizno's next door stays in business with such a gourmet bargain next door?

Bon appetite!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mike! These are the most amazing sandwiches. Always a fan, I was thrilled to discover some place in Salem that made them. I get one at least twice a week. They are seriously addictive! The meats and sauce, pickled vegetables, the freshness of the cucumber, cilantro and jalapeno combine with the crusty baguette to make every bite the perfect bite. Yesterday I thought I should branch out and ordered a noodle dish. While very tasty, I couldn't help but gaze longingly at the table next to mine as I heard the crunch of the bread with their every bite. I think that the bread is from Cascade Baking Company.

Beware if you order spicy! I thought that it meant extra jalapenos (which I always request more of) or a hotter pepper like a serrano. Instead they use sambal (Vietnemese chili paste) or something similar. They use a lot and it is hot! But it pairs wonderfully with the pork roll or meatball sandwiches. These 2 particular fillings actually taste better the longer they sit. Give one a try soon!

Robert said...

x 3 on the sandwiches at Saigon. I usually hit the buffet for big servings of veggies but the sandwiches are my new favorite. Excellent and you can't beat the price. I've only had the original so I can't comment on the variations.

Where else can you get lunch for $4 ?? The folks that run it are really nice and service is excellent. Good food!!!