Lum Yuen

Another birthday at work and the birthday girl chose Lum Yuen for her birthday lunch. I was thrilled with this choice. This was my family's go-to Chinese restaurant when I was a kid and I hadn't been in years. I have vivid memories of my mom eating way too much hot mustard and then rapidly fanning her mouth in attempts to cool it down. And then repeating the same thing. We had made reservations, but by no means were they necessary. We were seated immediately and received hot tea and other beverages very quickly.

Lum Yuen's lunch menu is very affordable (less than $6.00 for combination plates) although they do not make substitutions. It's actually cheaper to eat at Lum Yuen then it is to eat at Panda Express. We all ordered off of the combination menu, with most of us ordering the sweet and sour chicken, the pork chow mein and the pork fried rice. The food arrived very quickly and was nice and hot. The rice was wonderful, dry, not greasy at all, full of flavor. The chow main was loaded with bean sprouts and veggies and the sweet and sour chicken was quite tender.

I will definitely be heading back to Lum Yuen. I need to try their hot and sour soup, a personal favorite. It's nice to rediscover an old favorite and with their prices and their efficiency, they make a great lunch choice. And, just so you know, their lunch menu is not included on either their website or their take out menu.

Lum Yuen
3190 Portland Rd NE
Salem, OR 97303



Donald said...

Wow, we're (the wife and I) are always looking for GREAT food! I was raised and lived in a multitude of larger cities like Houston and Seattle (and even Spokane) so i am so used to having a lot of alternatives I have realized that Salem has hidden gems. Thank you for your reviews! They have helped us finding great places that are affordable to eat at with the whole family. (We have 2 teenagers that are very what's a nice way of saying picky eaters)

thank you again!

Amecameca said...

OMG! The plates that are pictured are horrible pseudo-Chinese junk food. Don't feed it to your teenagers, Donald. One plate is about 1,000 calories. Might as well go to Burger King and have two bacon Whoppers. They might have some reasonably good, healthy Chinese food at Lum Yuen, but this isn't it. Beware. If you all good Chinese food, drive 45 miles north to Portland (our fav is Ocean City on 82nd).

Oregon Maiden said...

I rarely chime in with ultra-negative comments, but this is one of the worst restaurants I have ever had the misfortune to encounter---YUCK!

Amber said...

Amecameca, no one claimed that this restaurant was authentic Chinese food, I certainly didn't. From what I understand, it is very hard to find true, authentic Chinese food, that most of the restaurants are the American version of Chinese food. With that said, a restaurant can still be good without being authentic.

Amecameca said...

Amber, I think my main point was that it was unhealthy. It is. Go back and try the healthy food at Lum Yuen and post again.

Amber said...

Donald, I'm glad we could help! I think the best part of eatsalem is being able to get several different viewpoints on the same place!

Amecameca, again, I never claimed it was healthy either. :-)

Anonymous said...

This is not good Chinese food.

I will never go back.

Stephanie said...

My family loves Lum Yuen's!! We make it a tradition to eat there on the first of every month if we can afford it.

Yes, I realize it is not that healthy but it is great food in our opinions and we always go do some kind of physical activity afterwards to work off the calories like walk or go swimming so it makes up for it not being so healthy.

We also eat or food there with chopsticks so it takes sometime to eat and we do not just gooble our food do that way.