Ice Cold Lemonade

50 cents a cup
3500 block Aldous Ave. S.


Anonymous said...

Is it organic?

Chuck Bradley said...

I have a personal policy never to drive by a lemonade stand without stopping. I also have a personal policy never to drink cheap lemonade. I don’t think anyone should spend less than a dollar per cup regardless of the posted price. The more you pay, the better it tastes! Young entrepreneurs should be encouraged.

Salem Man said...

Thanks for visiting folks. The kiddos had a great time and it is a good learning experience. I think they are going to take that cash to the Bite next weekend.

Chuck Bradley said...

Salem Man,

Despite golden intentions, I didn't get by yesterday. If your kids set up again this summer, please drop me and e-mail.


Salem Man said...

Thanks Chuck,
I will. These things can be spontaneous so stay tuned.