The Governor's Cup

Since the loss of Coffee House Cafe I've been searching for my new favorite coffee place downtown. I look for a place that is locally owned, has friendly service, yummy coffee and tasty goodies.

Since I work downtown I had been to the Governor's Cup under the previous owners and after bad service had never gone back. Once I heard they were under new ownership, I decided it was time to try them again.

I always loved the little hole in the wall location, as it's tucked in between two other business. The front window features their coffee roaster and the place gives you the feel of being in on a local secret.

Now the Governor's Cup has been around forever and isn't much of a secret. This morning I had the luck of overhearing the new proprietor getting grilled by a customer. He was asking about the history of the business and how she came to be running the place. As it turns out she had worked there when she was in high school and had always hoped to someday own the place.

I've been there many times over the last few months and she has always been there with a smile on her face happy to serve customers. There are typically two staff on when I'm there, so there can be a line, but the employees' positive attitudes make it no big deal.

They feature bagels and pastries from Marsee Bakery in Portland, quiches from O-Babie Bakery in Keizer, and they roast all their beans in house. My personal favorite is their bagel and lox. It is served open faced and comes on your choice of bagle with tomatoes, onions and capers. Since I have to go back to the office I usually pass on the onions and get extra capers.

I haven't tried the quiche or the parfait since I can't seem to pass up the lox, but I've seen them both go out to other customers and they look great, especially with the beautiful colorful fruit. I appreciate that they are using local suppliers and feature local fruit when they can.

If you haven't been there since the new owners took over, pop in and give them a try. They even have a happy hour from 6pm -9pm!

Salem, Oregon


Anonymous said...

Good review Kristi,

My assessment:

The coffee is very good. They know how to make a latte. The brewed coffee is good. Superior to the other coffee shops in town.

Beans - We have been getting their beans for home brewing coffee in the morning. Good quality. The best part is that you can buy them fresh roasted that day. Can't get any fresher than that.

Service - While the product quality has been good, the service is where this place really shines. They could be serving folgers instant coffee and the level of service would justify my business. They hustle, are always friendly, and smiling. I could always make coffee at the office, but it is really nice to get out for a change of scenery and if I am going to spend my money - good service is integral. They clearly understand the customer service aspect.

Way way way better than it was before. I am glad heard they changed owners because I had stopped going there a long time ago.

Highly recommended.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear they are serving actual food now. I will try it again--I only went there late when all the other coffee shops were closed. Was pretty much disappointed in everything as I really wanted it to be good, so I'm glad it's making a comeback.

Don't forget these generous folks are also a sponsor of Salem Breakfast on Bikes!

Chuck Bradley said...

I spoke with Mark Delgado, the owner, last week and I think we can expect to see the menu expand even more. Mark is a nice guy and an astute business man. (He's owned and operated The Plant Tender here in Salem for many years.) I'll be surprised if we don't see some neat stuff happening at the Gov's Cup in the future.

Kristi said...

As a point of clarification, their website says that Mark and Alyssa took it over in December of last year. As to who the actual "owner" is, I'm unsure, but it was Alyssa that I overheard during my visit. She is always smiling and friendly and is defiantly working to make the Gov Cup a success.

Chuck Bradley said...


Ooops! Looks like I should have referred to Mark as "one of the owners". Mea Culpa!